IsaDora Volume Lash Styler

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    My eyelashes have a very noisy period right now, you lose lashes at regular intervals and it is obviously not fun, but it is worst when some are half grown while others are long, I think. Then they are really obsessive! And so they are right now.

    When I have periods like this, volume mascara is almost just to be forgotten, it's just discreet everyday mascaras that make the lashes look good because you have to work a lot with the brush to get the lashes nice - and then it becomes kind of spider bone with a volume mascara.

    But a volume mascara that actually works is IsaDora's new Volume Lash Styler which I got home a press sample of a while ago!


    I think the name Volume Lash Styler is a suitable name, because at the same time as it gives volume, you still have control over the lashes and can comb them to the right.

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    You get a nice separation with both length and volume, at the same time as you can work with the brush without getting lumps.

    The durability is good too, neither smudged nor crumbly. I put it to the test on the night out last Saturday and it held up just fine!


    The brush is a fairly large rubber brush with lots of spikes, but it is not either for large without access to the corner of the eye as well. Definitely a brush to my liking!

    The price is SEK 149 for 9 ml, and is available at, among other places


    My eyelashes never look good in a photo in my photo studio, I do not know why but they always look nicer in reality. Must be something with the flashlight! But you see that they are not chaos in any case, but have a nice volume and separation :)

    Two thumbs up!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. It turned out really nice on your lashes! I also have a lot of lash period now, which you can see in my latest mascara review, but then you can really put the mascara to the test because it is not often the eyelashes are perfect :) I will probably have to take this and test it next time!

    2. A question, when it's still like mascara and lashes. You do not mention it in the posts, so just wondering - do you use lash curlers before mascara? Do you see it as an obvious step, just like eye shadow primer and such? I had one a few years ago but it is gone, and have barely used it. Thinking of getting one sometime .. :)

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