Joico K-Pak Protective Hair Spray

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Now I was going to tell you about a hair spray that I've been using a lot lately, and it is Joico K-Pak Protective Hair Spray which is available on, among others, for SEK 319.

I do not usually do much with my hair everyday and therefore rarely use hair spray, I like when the hair feels smooth and airy and because I do not shower my hair very often (4-5 days apart) I do not want to use hair spray when it is freshly washed for it kind of takes away the pure feeling.

But this is a very good everyday spray that I now actually use mainly on the days when my hair is freshly washed, because when my hair is clean and airy it is also very difficult to control, it is not at all what I want and most of all I want it lie on your face. Then this spray is super good! It is quite light, gives a medium stability and at the same time as it makes the hair work together and is kept in place, it leaves no trace at all of feeling sticky or hard in the hair.

 In other words, a perfect hair spray for us who do not like to have hair spray in our hair, but who still need it some days; ) 

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The packaging is large (350 ml) and the spray jet is soft and evenly distributed, so it is very easy to use.

The scent is not directly special, it does not smell disgusting or strong but is also not perfumed in any way. A moment after you have sprayed your hair, you do not feel any scent at all, I think.

Speaking of the scent, I can say that I have a really good scent memory, meaning that I can connect scents to special events or periods in life. When I tested this spray a few weeks ago, I could not let go of the feeling of being on my way to some kind of teenage party, like the time when you just started partying. So I sent a picture of the hair spray to my sister (who at that time always made me up and fixed my hair before I left) and quite rightly, she had had exactly this hair spray that period !! A little fun so good nose remember:)

It is probably not a hair spray I would choose for the worst party hairstyles that should keep it clean, but it is a very good everyday spray for us who do not have such big hair problems, and probably works gallantly for a little simpler hairstyles as well.

Two thumbs up I say!

 Hugs are!

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