Joico's famous hair wrap!

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    The hair wrap Joico K-pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor is a super hyped and talked about hair wrap that has been named the best hair wrap as many times as possible!

    And now I have finally tested it too :)

    First of all - I actually have a bit of a hard time deciding what I think of it, because I'm happy with the result but I who have used organic and natural hard care for so long suddenly find it a little difficult to see all the synthetic ingredients and feel it synthetic scent in the shower. I love natural and organic products, but at the same time I am not against synthetic ingredients because I understand that synthetics can also be really good, and one does not have to exclude the other. So I can not really explain why I feel like this, it's a bit psychic!

    But despite that, I have tried to give it an honest chance, and here is my final review, an incredibly detailed one! :)


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    Price - SEK 269 on (and free shipping!)

    Results after first use:
    I had set myself on "I have never had this smooth hair in my whole life feeling" after all the good I have heard about it. And my hair was absolutely smooth and wonderful, but since I started with Sanctum's hair care, I have, as always, this soft hair after the shower, so it can not really get softer haha * the braggart *. So I noticed no difference at all I must say.

    Results after more uses:
    The main thing the hair wrap should do is to rebuild and strengthen the hair, I do not know purely molecularly how it works, but after several uses, I actually start to notice a difference! Because even though you have good shampoo, conditioner and aftercare (I use hair oil), I believe that you need a solid hair wrap sometimes that strengthens a little extra in addition to what the hair gets every shower.

    And what I notice most is that I usually need more hair oil after about 3 days after the shower (showers my hair about every 4-5 days) because then it can get a little dry in the tops. But I do not feel the dry feeling as quickly anymore, but the hair is kept in check only until the next shower, as long as I am not too shitty against it with curling irons and all that I have played with a lot lately :)

    Positive vs negative:

    ♥ The scent is exactly like the banana-flavored fluoride tablets that I got when I was little! Loved them! So I really like the sweet banana scent that the hair wrap has, even though I usually don't like things with banana taste. It is sweet and good in a good way.

    ♥ Effect time is only 5 minutes, fast and good!

    ♥ As I said, I notice a difference in the hair and that is the most important thing, a noticeable difference makes it feel worth the money :) It is soft and smooth, and actually feels stronger!

    ♥ I like that the packaging is a tube, practical!

    x However, my lid is a little difficult to close, which resulted in pounding the bottom of the wall a bit to make it close haha. Yes, the plastic broke! But do I think this was probably just a manufacturing defect on my packaging?

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    x Unfortunately, I think that the wrap does not feel thick enough, I like heavy wraps that almost slide over the hair so that only a small click is enough. But this one feels more like a creamy conditioner with a texture that is almost a bit grainy, you need a lot for the whole hair.

    x I also think that my hair gets a little heavy afterwards, I would like the wrap only from the scalp down because why not take care of the new hair too, I think. But my volume is affected a bit so in the future I will probably only have it in the lengths!

    Summary: It does not get 5/5 from me, but I can definitely recommend it! I personally would like a slightly more airy result, more expensive formula and of course preferably natural and organic ingredients for a long-term use. But otherwise I'm crazy happy!


    Any of you who have tested this? What did you think? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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