LCC Good To Go - Dry Shampoo Review

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    Last week launched Blondinbellas beauty brand Löwengrip Care & Color  dry shampoo "Good To Go" and I was not late to click home it. I have not had to regret it for a second, I can tell, it is cruel!

    I think it's a bit fun, I've been following Bella for probably 6 years now, and it was actually her who suggested dry shampoo in the blog and got me to try it several years ago. I who get oily scalp so quickly bought a bottle, and was sooo grateful when I realized how well it worked! An everyday problem out of the world, check! :)

    Anyway, dry shampoo is a product I can not live without. My hair quickly becomes greasy and also very easily worn - and showering often makes the hair even more worn, and even faster frizzy.

    Water dries out both hair and scalp. A dry scalp begins to produce more fat, and in addition, the strands are much more fragile when they are wet and fall off easily.

    Therefore, I shower my hair only every 4 days approximately, and to still look fresh, it is quick and easy to spray a little dry shampoo on the scalp that absorbs all the fat and gives a nice and airy volume!

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    LCC Dry Shampoo Good To Go costs SEK 105 and can be ordered

    With the order, I also got 5 pieces of chocolate! Oh, how happy I was then, it felt luxurious and also it was "the time of the month when you are extra hungry for chocolate" so the timing was perfect;)

    I have been testing the dry shampoo for a few days now, and can probably say that this is the best dry shampoo I have tested!


    1. Fragrance
    Many dry shampoos smell either good or nothing at all. I prefer scent as it is always nice to smell good in the hair, it will be a bit like hair perfume. But most people with scents become so heavenly strong that the good scent is destroyed. LCC's dry shampoo, on the other hand, smells wonderfully good but at the same time mild, and the scent lasts well too! It's cute caramel fudge, and my first thought was Dumle :)

    2. Spray
    I do not tolerate dry shampoo with too much pressure when spraying, like a cannon against the head and spray only a small spot when the jet is so narrow and hard. But this dry shampoo has a perfectly soft and spread jet that distributes well.

    3. The color
    The powder that the spray contains is white, but it is so discreet that it was not visible at all in the hair despite my dark growth!

    4. Effect and feeling
    All the fat in the hair is like blown away, and the hair still feels airy and fresh. You can often get a more "dirty" feeling from dry shampoo even if it looks better, with this it makes the hair feel good too!

    5. Volume
    As you can see in the pictures, I went from "licked cat" to "I just came from the hairdresser" in less than a minute;)

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    6. Durability
    I used the dry shampoo the day before yesterday morning, it looked just as good all day AND yesterday! This morning I sprayed in just a tiny bit to improve. Wonderful indeed!

    7. Price
    SEK 105 is not dangerous at all, I think, I have tested dry shampoo between SEK 70-250 and since Nordic Feel has free shipping, it only differs SEK 35 between LCC and the cheapest (Batiste) I have tested, and then LCC actually contains 50ml more than Batiste as well: ) And considering the result, LCC is what I recommend without a doubt, and I will definitely buy a new one when this is over!

    lcc dry shampoo


    Do this:

    lcc dry shampoo review

    Lift your hair a little and spray a bit from.


    Rub your fingers into the scalp.


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    Then you're done! Or Good To Go maybe I should say;)

    In other words, I say two thumbs up, an affordable and awesome product! Can also tip about my post about cheap dry shampoo and how I use it.

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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