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    Turn your bathroom into its own spaIs the feeling behind Löwengrip Care and Colors series Home Spa which consists of skin care products for both body and hands, I think wonderful! I completely agree, spa is incredibly luxurious and nice to treat yourself sometimes, but the best thing is to get the right spa feeling at home, so cozy :)

    I have received a press sample of the series' body peeling and body balm, which I have put to the test and intended to show you now!


    The jars have a flip lid, which is nice but also practical in the shower when you have wet hands - you do not always manage to unscrew the lid with wet hands when it is Miska who used the product last time, he is too strong and I am too weak haha.

    The packaging is quite large too, no tit jars, it feels a little extra "spicy" with real jars, I think, and you get a lot for your money :) Both contain 200 ml.

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    LCC Home Spa Body Peeling want to start by showing, because I really liked it! When I first looked at it, I thought "no this will probably not be something for me" because the grains are so big and I like peels with many small grains instead of fewer large ones, I am more of a sugar scrub person. But do not be fooled by it, because once you scrub yourself with it, it is really lovely! It's a lot of small grains too, and it scrubs the skin properly and you feel really clean afterwards, me like! :)

    The scrub contains pentavitin which strengthens the skin and creates a moisture reserve that lasts for several days. As well as cocoa extract which is a natural antioxidant that gives the skin more glow and elasticity.

    The aroma is good too, a mix between sweet and spicy I would say.
    Top note - Jasmine
    Heart note - Peach, cedar, vanilla bean
    Base note - Musk and sandalwood


    Here you see the grains I am talking about, very large and look very hard and "torn", but they are definitely not :)

    LCC Home Spa Body Balm is a body lotion that also contains pentavitin and cocoa extract and has the same scent as the peel. It is very moisturizing and I especially like that it goes into the skin quickly. Otherwise, body balms are often a little fatter so you do not want to get dressed right away, but it works with this! It is incredibly beautiful on the skin that becomes super smooth and soft afterwards! :)

    What I can say about the body balm, however, is that when you, like me, are used to testing thousands of creams here and there, you can sometimes notice, by just feeling a product, if it contains a lot of silicones. I had not read the contents before I smeared myself, but immediately thought that "it feels quite silicone".

    I have absolutely no objection to silicones (despite the hot debate around Apoteket that is going on right now), silicones retain moisture in the skin while the skin breathes, and therefore it is often used together with moisturizing ingredients for a more moisturizing result, and because silicones do not react with the skin, it has been used a lot for medical purposes on e.g. burns.

    But what I want to say with this is that even though I like the cream, it feels a little boring to spend over 200 kroner on a product that mostly consists of water and silicone, Aqua and Dimethicone are the first two on the table of contents. I would rather have seen more of such ingredients as jojoba oil that the cream also contains, I pay more than happy for that :)

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    But as I said, the cream feels really lovely on the skin, creamy and thick but still quite light in texture. Nothing I had put the money on myself, the peeling, however, feels absolutely worth it!

    Shout out if you have any questions :) ♥

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