Lifts and diss Yves Rocher products

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I have been spamming some Yves Rocher products in recent days, but that's just because I've been asked to write as much as possible before my discount code YRHELENA expires, which it does after today!

So now I thought I would compile which products I like, and which you (in my opinion) should not spend money on and why!

I have tested as much as possible from this brand and like the principle around it, it is natural and environmentally friendly but still cheap thanks to the fact that Yves Rocher owns everything himself, everything from the crops to the sale, no middlemen who snatch money with others word :)

And with that said, there are some products that stand out a little extra here at home, some I like super duper a lot, and even though I like most things, there are also a few products that do not appeal to me at all.

Hope this post is appreciated! :)

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Thumbs down:

Velvety Loose Powder* - The powder works as it should, but it smells super strong, so much so that it sticks in the nose !! So it is used only in emergencies.
Sunscreen Zero Trace Spray* - I brought this with me to Cape Verde, but it was too oily and does not go into the skin fast enough. With a sun protection factor, you have to be careful and take quite a lot so that you get properly everywhere, but with this you wanted to be frugal to be able to put on linen and shorts and go to the beach without getting oil stains on clothes.
Gentle Eye Makeup Remover* - A remover for sensitive eyes, works but is not super effective directly, and it also stings the eyes, which is strange because it is adapted for sensitive eyes! Their two-phase remover is much, much better.


Thumbs up:

Mascara Volume Vertige* - My favorite mascara from Yves Rocher! I have one in every color! Provides both volume, bend, separation and good durability.
Waterproof Eye Pencil* - Waterproof eyeliner in several nice colors, pigment-rich and durable, I love them all!
Loose Pearls* - Glittery false eye shadows, no matter how nice! The shade 05 is my absolute favorite, it is so very useful.
Express Eye Makeup Remover* - This makeup remover for eye makeup is ruggedly good!
Ultra Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadow* - Waterproof cream eye shadows, nice, easy to apply and sit like a rock!
Grand Rouge Lipstick* - All their lipsticks are just fine, and I especially love the Grand Rouge series. Super beautiful on the lips, pigment-rich, full-coverage and available in lots of nice colors.

Which Yves Rocher products do you like / dislike? :)

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. The Grand Rouge lipsticks and the two-phase remover are my favorites! Have tried some day and night cream, shower gel and body lotion that I did not like at all…

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