Summery perfume from Yves Rocher

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Soon it's time for this year's Swedish Beauty & Cosmetic Awards and I'm invited to the gala again this year, yeeey! :)

And quite recently I received a small mailing with the Yves Rocher products nominated this year, and one of them is the perfume Moment of Happiness L'Eau de Toilette* which is nominated in the category "Women's fragrance of the year under SEK 500".

Yves Rocher is known for his good perfumes and this is not the first year one of their perfumes has been nominated in this category. Last year, they had two nominated fragrances, one of which actually won as well! It was the men's perfume Ambre Noir that I think is heavenly good! I do not really like to gender products, but the categories in beauty awards are called that :)

Scents are unbelievably very tasty, but to be brutally honest, Yves Rocher's steam perfumes have never appealed to me at all. EXCEPT THIS, oh my god, this one so good I want to pour it over me haha! :)


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Moment de Bonheur was launched last summer and it feels like a good timing to recommend it now again, it feels very springy and summery, It is very fresh, sweet without being slimy, floral without being too strong and perfectly fruity!

"Rose scent with challenged freshness" is how it is described by Yves Rocher. It is a mixture of rose and apple with hints of cedar, and I think it feels very feminine at the same time as it is youthful. Summer scents suit everyone! :)

Any of you who smelled this? Do you agree with me?

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    • Hmm, how do you define many? haha :) I have given away a lot to sisters and the like who have been tested but no longer use, but have maybe 15 left at home in the box, but usually only use 2 of them, my favorites :)

      • Hihi was just curious, gets so hungry all the time when I read in blogs about different reviews of perfumes, want every single type;)

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