Lumene Color Correcting Concealer

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    Excuse my disgusting pimple that you will now see :)

    I did a test with Lumene's new CC Concealer, and since I did not have a large pimple on my face, I had to use the huge one that I have managed to get a little suitable between the tits!

    This is because Lumene's CC-Cream, which I told you about earlier, is no longer alone in the series but has been joined by concealer and powder as well. We like that :)

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    Lumene Color Correcting Concealer is a new product in their CC series that previously only consisted of a CC-Cream. Concealer is unscented and contains Arctic seed oil which protects, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin, while helping to reduce skin redness and couperosa. (a kind of redness / rash that is common in the Nordic climate).


    Conclusion: Lumene's new concealer covers very well while giving a natural result. It has a slight green tone but looks mostly beige. However, the small green tone that is present is very good for covering redness and pimples. Two thumbs up!





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    In the picture above, I have put the concealer around my nose.

    I think not that these products are out in stores yet, but it will probably not be on until they are available for purchase.

    There will be a post later where I show pictures with the whole series! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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