Lumene Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation

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Lumene has just launched a brand new foundation - Lumene Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation!

I can find it nowhere online, but it should be in store now and costs SEK 149 on e.g. Kicks and Åhléns.

The foundation is adapted for oily and mixed skin, and I feel like a very suitable test doll as this fits me extremely well, Helena fluffy-as-a-pizza Rönnblad :)


“Matt Control Oil-Free Foundation is an ideal foundation for oily and combination skin. The cream evens out the skin tone and covers the pores well. It makes dull skin beautiful and radiant again. Contains new matte technology that is a wonderful combination of matting elements and finely divided powder pigments. The cream melts gently into the skin and gives it a velvety, matte finish that lasts a long time. Formulated without parabens. 30 ml e. ”

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I like that the packaging is a soft tube so you can easily push out the last!


It is available in five shades, from light to medium dark. I have received these as a press sample, and have received the three lightest shades. I use the shade 01 Classic Beige!


And what do I think then? I have a bit of a hard time deciding actually, and instead of giving two thumbs up, I probably have to give one thumbs up and one thumbs down. The reason is that I do not think it suits me to 100%, but I can imagine that many of you will like it!

♥ First impression was wow! It is very, very expensive and you do not need much at all, it covers well and is easily applied to the skin.

If you apply a thin layer, it evens out everything red-flaming, the skin tone becomes even and fine and the pores are not very visible either. It "slips off" a bit from the pimples, but it's easy to dab a little extra on them without it getting cakey. In other words, you can build up a very comprehensive base without the result being uneven.


x Unfortunately, in the end I thought that the result was a bit too much like a mask, full coverage in all glory, but I thought I looked very lifeless in the face and absolutely no glow. The first time I thought it was because I used quite a lot of it, but I have tested it several times and think I get the same result even when I use a thin layer.

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In addition, I am not super happy with the dullness, the skin absolutely stays dull for a long time compared to many other liquid foundatons, but for me mineral foundation works much better.

The biggest difference I would say is that with other liquid foundations I get oily quickly (after about 1 hour) and in the end it becomes extreme, and with this I get oily just as fast, but it does not get as much at the end of the day. But with mineral foundation, it both takes longer before I get oily, and besides, I do not get equal oily either! Maybe because a mineral foundation also has a little absorption capacity?

But otherwise the durability is good, it does not get cakey or similar even though I get oily.


This is what the result looked like after powder (Lumenes loose powder), shading, blush and eyebrows!

Summary - For those of you who are not quite as oily as I am, I think this works better than what it did for me. And besides, I know that many people thrive in a more comprehensive base and do not bother with the "mask feeling" as I describe it. So you who feel met on those points know that this can be a foundation for you :)

Hug! ♥

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