Make up a tattoo

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    "This is probably a bit of an odd question, but I still take a chance. You have done quite a few reviews of different products and I wonder if you are aware of the type of foundations that cover tattoos (which are only with black lines, not color). Looking with a light on a lantern but they seem very expensive and I do not have that much fat at the checkout either. It sits on the foot. It's an anchor so there are lines and some shading. So the make-up will be worn by socks and shoes. ”

    You can make off a tattoo with ordinary make-up - it is not super simple but I have tested several brands that are there to make off tattoos and to be completely honest, it is not super easy with the niche products either.

    The good thing about using regular makeup (instead of special products) is the price, which is also in demand here. Because if you use ordinary make-up, you have use for it for the face as well :)

    I wish I could have answered "this foundation - - - covers buy it right away" but it's actually more about the application.

    My tip - stock in stock
    Applying a thick layer of cream is difficult, whether it is a concealer or a foundation. It is much better to build up the cover with several thin layers instead of a thick one.

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    Therefore, I have alternated powder-cream-powder-cream, and for extra effective coverage I chose a mineral foundation (ie a powder with coverage) instead of a transparent powder.

    So: Dab on mineral foundation (thin!) And then a full-coverage cream concealer (thin!) And then thin on mineral foundation and cream concealer again until you are satisfied with the coverage. I rotated 3 layers per product. The last layer should be the powder to fix, then it lasts better.

    When you are done with the coverage, you can easily dab the mineral foundation around as well, so that it blends in better with the skin around.

    Possibly that it shines through a bit when I took photos with flash, but in reality it was not visible at all.

    The wrinkles in the afterimage are because I hold my foot in a different way, it is not the make-up that made the lines. Because I keep my foot as high as I can on a chair back to get up to the level of my photo flashes so it was not very easy to balance and focus with the camera at the same time;) I would have taken photos step by step if it was not for this particular problem haha.

    Tip! If it shines through a greyish tone but that you are satisfied with the coverage in general, you can dab a little blush over that neutralizes the gray-blue and gives a little color. I know I've seen tips before that you can primer with lipstick and tested it a long time ago but it just gets messy and damn. Powder blush is much smoother!

    The products I used above are gloMinerals Under Eye Concealer and glo Pressed Base Mineral Foundation which I sell in my web shop.

    As for the durability, I tested a little different and no, this does not apply to socks and shoes, but if you wear it, you may not need to cover the tattoo either, I think? As long as I wore sandals and barefoot though, it sat like a charm!

    Summary - It is not a wow-tip as it is fussy and maybe nothing you can do every day, but financially good because you can use the same for the face (and do not need to buy special products) and works well if you want to get rid of the tattoo a certain event or so :)

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    If any of you read more or better tips, feel free to comment!

    Hug hug!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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