Make-up skin with rosacea (Tips & Products)

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    Yesterday I had a fun make-up at the salon, I had the honor to help make up skin with rosacea! Love to be able to help people who have problems with their skin because it makes such a huge difference and such a nice result when you have good products.

    She has rosacea and usually uses full-coverage theatrical make-up to cover everything, and yet the red usually starts to shine through when she has had the make-up on for a whole day. And now she was going to a wedding and did not want her usual base that becomes like a mask over her face.

    So we did a base make-up that removes all the red by using products that neutralize the red, so we conjured away all the red without adding a comprehensive base. So she got a natural result that lasts much better than a thick solid foundation layer. Look so nice:

    rosacea makeup before after

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    A nice base, and then focus on the eyes (which emphasized her incredibly blue eye color) and a little color on the lips, to emphasize her incredibly beautiful eyes, eyebrows and lips!

    It is not visible in the pictures because the flash blows it away a bit, but she also has a great glow and glow in the skin thanks to a highlighter that has a golden glow. Got her cheekbones to shine :)

    I have used these products:

    Face primer - pixi redness reducing primer
    Foundation - Pixi H2O skintint (Nude)
    Concealer - Pixi Correction Concentrate
    Powders that neutralize red areas - gloMinerals redness relief powder
    Contouring - Pixi Book of beauty Contour Creator Palette
    Highlighter - Pixi Book of beauty Minimal makeup
    Rouge - gloMinerals blush (Papaya)
    Makeup Fixing mist - Pixi makeup fixing mist

    Eyebrows - Pixi Duo Brow (Deep brunette)
    Lips - Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (Pixi Pink)

    Eyeshadow Primer - Pixi eye bright primer
    Light eyeliner along the waterline - Benecos White natural kajal
    Gold eyeshadow - Yag mineral eyeshadow (Rose gold)
    Golden brown eye shadow - Paese opal eyeshadow (Golden Brown)
    Light eye shadow - Paese opal eyeshadow (Melba)
    Lashliner & thin smoky eyeliner - Paese cashmere eyeshadow (602)

    We got the nice base thanks to green face primer, a water-resistant gel foundation that gives a semi-opaque base, and then a lot of gloMinerals powder that neutralizes red. So there is not much coverage at all but most neutralizing green and yellow products. I only put the concealer on the most intense blemishes, so we did not have much of it at all.

    gloMinerals powder also contains caffeine and licorice extract, which also works as a skin care product and is the top of rosacea skin, it causes the blood vessels to constrict a little so that the skin is basically red on as well. Wonderful product!

    Make-up skin with rosacea (Tips & Products)

    So beautiful!!! If you have any questions about making up skin with rosacea or are wondering about any products or anything else, write a comment below. :)

    Have a nice Sunday everyone ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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