Makeup for tired eyes

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    Today is such a day when I am extra happy that there is makeup, so you can conjure away all signs of fatigue from previous days;)

    I did not have time to blog that much yesterday, because we drove a whole day in the new premises and painted until we got blisters on our hands. For eleven hours we worked!

    And I, who only slept a few hours the night before (came home at half past two the night after the event on EPIC) was looking forward to a quiet beauty sleep before I would get up with the rooster again. And so dreamed me that I painted instead… All night haha! I woke up several times and thought "but my God I'm sick in the head", because nothing special happened at all in the dreams, I just painted and painted, and every time I fell asleep again I continued to paint.

    So now feels it's like we've done almost everything, but then we do not have it * bang our heads on the table *.

    Anyway, today is a working day at Creative Make Up that applies and I will blog more as soon as I get a gap, have a nice make-up I want to show you :) but now I will soon get off the bus and then start the working day with a makeup consultation, so cool!

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    Instead, I offer an older make-up here, a super fast look I showed you in April, which is absolutely wonderful when you want to put on more make-up! The bright luster shadows in the Peach Melba palette from Paeses Opal Series highlights your eyes very nicely, while the nice color combination enlivens the whole look :)


    I have the light yellow shadow in the corner of the eye and on the inside of the eyelid, pink eye shadow on the outside of the eyelid and the light brown along the lower lash line!



    The lipstick is two different nude colors, I have applied a slightly darker nude color to the entire lips and then dabbed a little light color in the middle! Both are Paese Lipstick with argan oil and I have used shades 17 and 35.

    The basic make-up is Zuii Organic - cc-primer (mint), powder foundation (ivory) and sparkle red (melon). Love it!

    IMG_1137_111 IMG_1109_111

    Hear again soon! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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