EPIC by Stockholm

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    Yesterday I was at a wonderful salon opening in Stockholm at the new beauty salon EPIC by Stockholm on Värtavägen 14. Among other things, the salon is owned by the tooth whitener Emelie Nixon (who works at Creative Make Up). She is the one who whitened my teeth :)

    The salon has everything from skin care to teeth whitening, makeup, massage, fillers and nails, and soon even hair extensions if I understood correctly!

    Incredibly cozy inauguration with lots of people and a great atmosphere! I was there with Annika from Creative Make Up, who is sometimes at EPIC and does permanent makeup.

    IMG_2956_111 IMG_2959_111 IMG_2963_111

    If you see all the beautiful paintings that the salon is decorated with, there are different paintings in each room!

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    Nice Emelie and Annika ♥

    I had a super nice evening, and have to tell you about a cruel nail therapist and makeup artist I talked to a lot. Helenesjostedt her name is on Instagram, check out her makeup and nails! :)

    Now I will continue to paint in the new premises, will be a full day here today.

    Hugs are!

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