Makeup from Taiwan

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    Today I have been to Gimo Herrgård and put on make-up before the wedding!

    A bridal make-up, two dice make-up and two mothers were made up, and it was such a wonderful atmosphere! Everyone was so happy!

    The bride and groom come from Taiwan and a lot of relatives from their home country were there, so I have had to speak English all morning, which is a great exercise as I have barely spoken it since high school.

    I even got a gift with makeup from a brand that their friend sells in Taiwan, super cute really! :)

    Must show!

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    Baby Poshé is the name of the brand and I got false eyelashes, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner and a small cloth that you should use to wipe off makeup from the mobile screen.

    The little cloth is actually cruel and it solves one of my hardest everyday problems! Every time I have talked on the phone, the screen is full of foundation, it is so big (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) so it goes down to the cheek when I talk. But now I can have this little cloth glued to the mobile cover (it is sticky on one side) and I always have something to wipe the screen with! :)

    I have tested a bit of the makeup already and everything actually looks great!


    The lip gloss is a super nice light pink shade and smells super good of hubba bubba!


    The eyeliner is actually cruel, super nice dark brown shade that is creamy and easy to paint with - and it is completely rub-proof! I painted a line on my hand and it does not move from the stain no matter how much I rub :)


    The lipstick is creamy and nice to wear on the lips, and the shade is natural and super nice. I do not really know what the white in the middle is, lip balm maybe?

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    In addition to this, I also got to try a new eyelash glue that is apparently very hyped in Asia, and it was actually great too! She also had a small tube of it that I brought home just because I liked it :)

    This is probably the most fun wedding job I've done, shows pictures of the bridal make-up tomorrow!


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