Makeup mirror

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    On Christmas Eve, it's exactly two years since I received my wonderful make-up mirror "Chloe - Classic White" as a Christmas present! It still works just fine and I use it every single day! :)

    I thought I could not love it anymore, until now when I switched to LED lights, woow!


    With halogen lamps, it gets almost a little sauna hot if you sit in front of the mirror for a long time, and if you happen to touch the lamps, you burn yourself! I also happened to melt a eyeliner that happened to end up right in front of one lamp at the bottom once haha.

    It has not been as big a problem as it sounds, but it is absolutely wonderful to avoid now with the LED lights that do not get hot at all!

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    Not to mention how much more environmentally friendly it is with LED lights, just such a thing :)

    And not only that, with the LED lights I also think the light will be even nicer! The mirror gives a light that is similar to warm daylight, and with the new lamps it is actually even more similar. Fantastically good!


    Nice light, no shadows, no sauna heat, dimmer that regulates the intensity of the light and besides, only the mirror itself is crazy nice! This picture was taken when it was pitch black outside, and the only light in the room comes from the make-up mirror.

    For those of you who are hungry for a mirror like this (good Christmas gift tips for a person you want to spend a little extra money on, a daughter / son interested in beauty perhaps!), I can tell you that it has quite recently been launched in many new nice variations and sizes! Among other things with gold frame, leopard pattern and crocodile pattern.

    The mirrors are on and, the prices are a bit different but mine called Chloe - Classic White costs 1800 SEK / 195 Euro.

    Halogen lamps are included in the price, LED lamps do not do that if I have understood it correctly but I think they will start selling LED lamps in the shop as well.


    An unmade-up Helena like this on the evening twig;)

    Now it does not matter at all if it is winter dark outside or not, I get such nice make-up with my make-up mirror anyway, and nice pictures with my new photo stuff too :) Finally!

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    Two thumbs up I say, I want fleeeer !!

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