Makeup tips for dark skin

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    Even if you are going on a sun holiday during the winter, or are naturally dark-skinned, there are some details that can be helpful when putting on make-up.

    It's hard for me to show pictures of myself, because I do not have dark skin. But here are some tips!

    A dark skin fits well in warm tones on the blush, for example plum purple and peach pink. Just be careful not to get one for dark shade, it can give a slight masquerade feeling. When you go to a party, you can use a slightly more bright pink blush to get a slightly more "dramatic" look.

    Naomi + Campbell

    It can be difficult to find a concealer that suits your skin tone. Feel free to buy two pieces so that you can mix, and choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your foundation. For pimples, I recommend a concealer in powder form, but under the eyes it can be easier with a creamy concealer.

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    I often experience that dark-skinned people do not need as much foundation, as we lighter skin often have more red areas and irregularities to cover. If you have the right shade for your foundation, it is enough to cover the places that need it the most.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is not to buy a too light foundation, then the face will easily get a gray tone. But you should also take care to choose a shade that is too dark, then you can instead look a little dirty. There are many tips on how to find the right color, but I recommend going to a make up artist who can help you!

    MAC and gloMinerals are two brands that have many different shades even for dark skin.

    glo minerals pressed base dark skin

    Transparent powder is not something I recommend for very dark skin, at least not a brand I have tested. They easily give a gray tone to the face. Choose a powder in the same tone as your foundation, usually in the same brand!

    Choose a bronzer that is just a little, a little darker than the skin tone, preferably warm golden shades. Otherwise you can easily look "dirty".


    I recommend a colored eye primer (ie not transparent) for the eye shadows to be as colorful as possible, for example a white or a beige. It's a bit like painting on a piece of paper, a blue pencil does not turn as blue on a dark piece of paper as on a light one.

    Eye shadow
    Shimmery eye shadows or metallic shadows really nice for dark skin, and it highlights the eyes even more.

    Eyeshadow color
    Dare to use colorful colors such as blue, purple and green. For everyday, it is really nice with a golden eye shadow. A black sweep is incredibly nice, I think, if you have dark skin, you can do a very intense and carbon black sweep, without it feeling "too much".

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    If you do a brown sweep and do not feel so good at makeup, I recommend using darker shades than the skin. Many (not all) can easily get a dirty "blue tire feeling" if the brown shade does not become completely even, and still blends well into the skin due to the shade choice.

    Naturally dark-skinned people often have brown eyes, these are highlighted with cool colors such as blue.


    Dark skin fits super well in really colorful lips, both red, pink and purple tones. There are also noodle lipsticks that get really nice, the darker the skin the darker the shade of the pin, so that you get a natural transition. Feel free to add a little shine.



    New Year's tips!
    Shimmer and glitter give the make-up a cold feeling, which emphasizes your warm shades and is great if you also have brown eyes. Even if you do not like blue eyeshadow, you can still emphasize your warm tones with a cool navy blue eyeliner along the waterline, it will be shitty! And as I said before, if you have a dark complexion, you can also apply a carbon black sweep without it becoming too much, shitty for New Year!

    Hope my tips were helpful! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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