Best peeling - Lumene Body Scrub

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    Finally I have found a perfect peeling for the body!

    I am very picky when it comes to scrubbing the skin on the body because I have bought so much that is so bad. There are surprisingly many that contain too large and / or too few abrasive grains that you do not even get the effect you want. A scrub should scrub the skin, five large grains of gravel on the arm make almost no difference.

    The best I have tested (before now) is burt's n bees sugar scrub, as it really scrubs the skin. However, it feels a little too scrubbing to use often, and besides, I personally do not like the oily feeling you get afterwards (taste).

    But now I have tested a novelty from Lumene, Lumene Arctic Spa Body Scrub, and it's PERFECT! Just the way I think a body scrub should be. It has many small grains that scrub just right, and you get that lovely rosehip-peeled feeling afterwards, when the skin is smooth and comfortable.

    The scent is fresh and somehow feels a little luxurious. In addition, I like the packaging in the entire new Artic Spa series, stylish and stylish!

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    Lumene Arctic Spa Body Scrub contains grains that renew, cleanse and give the skin radiance. By activating the microcirculation, the skin is cleansed of dead cells and increases the skin's well-being and makes it radiantly fresh.

    Contains arctic tuber extract which moisturizes, protects and nourishes the skin. Other active ingredients o Almond oil (which nourishes and softens the skin) Avocado oil which contains vitamins that promote the well-being of the skin, phytosteroids and palmitoic acid. Excellent moisturizing effect. ”

    I will also review the other products in the series when I have tested them a little longer, they will be out in the Kicks and Åhléns stores in January 2014.

    Thumbs up for this then! Highly recommend it!

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