Makeup trends autumn 2015

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    Hi Helena! I was going to update my makeup stock a bit now before the autumn and have peeked a bit in your webshop. You could not suggest some products that are well suited for autumn? I have a lipstick in a pink shade from paese that I love but would like a more suitable for autumn but I do not know which shade I should choose hehe. What to drive on? Otherwise, thank you for a nice blog and good luck with the store. It will be fun to see how it turns out when everything is ready :)

    I have done some trend research and checked out the makeup trends for the autumn of 2015 and thought to show you some inspiration now, plus which products I recommend from to get help with these looks :)

    Hope you like the post!

    1. Natural skin, strobing and rosy cheeks
    A trend that pleases me is that more and more it is starting to focus on a naturally beautiful skin, with fresh glow and rosy cheeks. I love shading and will continue to use it to get more shape on my face, but the whole Kim Kardashian trend has started to degenerate a bit on Instagram with a thousand different shades, layer upon layer and before and after pictures that look like two completely different people…


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    hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-pinky-peach-tibi-bks-a-rf15-7143Image sources

    Light coverage - But now there is more focus on skin looking like skin, lighter foundations and only covering extra where it is really needed, and not in the whole face.

    Strobing - Strobing is called when you highlight the skin and shape the face in that way, instead of using shading (sun powder). You can either just use a light luster powder on the high parts of the face, for a nice glow and thus emphasize the contours. Or even supplement with an illuminating matte highlighter before, which gives an even more illuminating effect.

    Rosy cheeks - Rosy cheeks make you look more lively and healthy and are always incredibly beautiful, especially when you use strobing and do not have much other color and shape on the face. Swipe over the cheeks, or even a little on the lips and eyes for extra color :) You can choose which shade you want, but preferably bright colors and colors with a little extra glow!

    autumn make-up

    Colored day cream and concealer - Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal
    Luminous highlighter powder - Paese Glow Powder
    Pigmented red with luster - Paese Powder Blush (45)
    Mineral Foundation - Zuii Organic Powder Foundation


    2. Colorful lips
    A trend that comes every autumn is a little makeup on the eyes, and great focus on the lips. Very red lips, but also berry shades. This year you also see very dark lips, which I absolutely love !!

    hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-90s-red-lip-phillip-lim-bks-z-rf15-0879_1 hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-goth-lips-ungaro-bks-m-rf15-6415Image sources

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    Tips for a look with a focus on the lips - The autumn trend shows focus on the lips with very little eye makeup, which I also think is super nice. But the "rule" that you should choose eyes or lips you can throw in the trash, having a lot of makeup on both eyes and lips is also great.

    To avoid a messy or over-made result, I usually think of blush instead, if you have a lot of both eyes, lips and blush, it can be a bit over-made up. Have a little less blush if you put a lot of make-up on both eyes and lips, but if you choose either eyes or lips, you can be a little more generous with the blush. Then you get a nice balance :)


    Lip pencil - Dr. Hauschka Lip Liner (06 Eggplant)
    Liquid lipstick - Paese Manifesto Liquid Lipstick (911)
    Lip Gloss - Benecos Natural Lip Gloss (Rose Garden)
    Lipstick - Paese Lipstick with Argan Oil (43)


    Glitter and metallic eye shadows
    Another trend that is also recurring every fall and winter is glitter and metallic shades, a little more party simply. It is really super nice, and attracts a lot of attention to the eyes. Bronze and gold are what you see most :)


    hbz-fw2015-trends-beauty-sparkle-shine-hoffman-bks-z-rf15-0890Image sources

    eastern-eye shadows

    Tips on metallic and glittery shadows in bronze and gold:
    Shimmering trio palettes - Paese Shimmer Trio Eyeshadow
    Gold eyeshadow - Yag mineral eyeshadow (Rose Gold)

    IMG_0402_1115. Sooty and intense
    Sooted eyes are super hot right now, and a specific detail is that you also see a lot of soot with a focus on the underside of the eye.

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    Image sources


    Image source

    Intense eyes - Black eyeliner along the waterline is the best trick to quickly get a really intense look. However, many people may find that the eyes look more closed, then apply the eyeliner down a bit on the lower lash line as well, so that you "pull out" the gaze. Then that feeling disappears :)

    Smokey eyes - Smokey eyes can vary as much as you like! Have a pigment-rich, carbon black shade in the make-up bag (or dark brown if you want a lighter version), apply and tone out the edges until you get a nice transition to the skin tone. Then you can choose if you want to complement with a color click, glitter, highlighter, a nice lip color, there are thousands of choices!

    Extra important not to forget the eye shadow primer here only, it is even more visible with dark eye shadows if your make-up does not last all evening.

    smokey-eyes products

    Waterproof eyeliner with glitter grain - Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner
    Smokey eye pencil with eyeliner and shadow - Pixi Lid & Line
    Eyeshadow Primer - Pixi Eye Bright Primer
    Matte, dark eye shadows - Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (602) (604)


    Hope you feel inspired up to your ears now! :)

    Do you want to see the whole posts with my own make-up that I have shown pictures of here, then just click on the pictures, and you will come to the posts ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Feel free to tell me more about mineral eye shadows .. It's solved, right? I think I bought two very nice ones many, many years ago, but everything fell under my eye and everywhere I never used them. How to use these in the best way?

    2. Great post! :-) But this with putting foundation in only certain parts of the face I have never gotten a grip on ..? .. How to do it in the best way without it looking like gei come and help me. :-)

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