Open and close Bamboo Silk Powder

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    Then I can imply that I have the silk powder and I do not understand anything! It is childproof or something .. Do not get any powder when I shake, do not understand how it goes to xD thought to have it under the eyes in large quantities that receive the eye shadow but haha on me… Thought to bring it to you: D but note to the rest of you: There is nothing wrong with it, only me who is not so smart (a)

    Paese's powder has a sieve (strainer) that can be closed, which is great if you want it in the handbag without risking major accidents :) Many powders have it, but that you have to put your fingers in the powder and close that way, which always ends with powdery fingers instead and also it is not fun to have to put your fingers in the products either.

    But Paese's screens open and close in a smarter way :)


    The figure consists of two layers, one has small holes and the other has larger openings that look a bit like the shape of a star.

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    It is wavy on the sides of the jar, and there you can turn the top layer, so that the holes in the jar end up over the openings below. Then you can shake out suitable powder, and when you think it's enough, you can easily turn it back, it will not come out anymore :)


    So when the jar is closed it looks like this, the holes and openings are in different places :)


    And this is what it looks like when it is open!

    Easy as pie, if you know how to do it. But I had exactly the same problem the first time "But Miska, something has gone wrong with the new jar! I have removed the tape but there will still be no powder…" Lol. But he saw the problem right away, so it was lucky :)

    The powder has received 12 reviews and all are 5 star!

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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      • Yes, this is the case with all loose powder with a strainer, before you open the lid, turn the jar upside down and shake a little and powder will come out :) Otherwise it is probably impossible.

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