Maria Nila Color Refresh Bright Copper (Review)

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    It's been a while since I dyed my hair a little more copper-autumnal on Creative Zone, and the reddish copper tone has had time to drop a lot since then, which is a bit of a shame as I have realized that I really thrive in a slightly redder tone! Red is a typical color that likes to let go of the hair + is neutralized if you, like me, have very metal-rich water.

    Therefore, I was extra happy when I got a press test on Maria Nila's news Color Refresh which is a colorful hair wrap that gives much more intense color than many wraps do. If you are completely blonde, you get the color you buy simply and can, for example, become completely red-haired, but you apply it as a hair wrap and the color lasts for about 10 washes.


    A perfect product if you want to test a new hair color before coloring it permanently, or if you want a new hair color just for the moment, or as I do now - just renew and color boost the hair color I already have.

    I have used the shade Bright Copper on my hair which is available for purchase HERE for SEK 249!

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    Bright copper contains light copper pigments, and you can even mix these wraps with each other! If you want even more red hair, you can e.g. mix Bright copper with the shade Autumn red.

    Do this:
    Shower your hair with shampoo
    Towel dry your hair
    Apply the hair wrap. let work for 3-10 minutes
    Rinse your hair
    Finish with conditioner

    The cream is really bright red! So you should wear towels, which is included, at least when you shop from It was easy to apply, but not very expensive but I needed a lot for my thick hair.

    The wrap should work for 3-10 minutes and I had in it for 10 minutes. The hair felt really smooth afterwards! Here is the result:

    I love the new color my hair got, it was just the way I wanted it! However, the result is quite uneven, I really tried to get it evenly distributed so it must be my hair that wanted to suck on looks more in some places. It will probably get better when I have showered it again, and then I thought to mix in a little in my conditioner once too so maybe it will be more even later:) I will return with a final review!

    Next time I dye my hair, I will continue on this red trail, although maybe make more blonde shifts, like in front of the face and in the tops. What do you think about that?

    Hugs are!

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