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    I have finally tested Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint which in short is a lipstick in ink pen form! It costs SEK 115 and is available at e.g. HERE and HERE, and right now actually on sale on it so it only costs 59 kroner if you buy it there.

    I have been curious about this for a long time as I have heard both bad, mediocre and great reviews, and I think such products are the most fun to try to see what I think and also to try to figure out why many think so differently.


    When I say that the pen is reminiscent of a felt-tip pen, I mean it literally, it feels like painting the lips with a felt-tip pen! I like the application, it is easy to paint sharp lines and if you add more layers you get a more colorful result so you can decide for yourself and vary how intense color you want. I do not think it was difficult to get even either, and the color will be great!

    I have the shade 07 Coral Crush in the picture.

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    The consistency is a liquid that is water-based and goes into the skin instead of laying its on the surface, so it hardly feels like you are wearing any lip product. The lips do not feel dry or creamy. If you want, you can have a lip gloss or lip balm over. I am not so fond of the scent / taste, but since it is not creamy, you do not feel it so much. It tastes a little, hm, kind of salty felt-tip pen?

    The very idea of this is that it should have an enormous durability, and it is mainly on that point that I have heard such different opinions about the result. Some people think that it lasts all day without improvement and that it is even difficult to get rid of in the evening, while many do not think at all that it lasts as long as it promises. I had decided that it would last all day, so I was a little disappointed. Had it been an ordinary lipstick, I would probably have said that it has good durability, but I did not have to fight to get rid of it after a few hours because then it would have already disappeared completely by itself.

    The reason why so many people think the product is different is because everyone's lips are so different, some lips absorb more moisture than others and many lips are unevenly dry, which also leads to an uneven result with a product like this.

    In other words - I like the end result and will certainly use it more times, but I think the result is individual and I hope to find a similar product from another brand that actually lasts all day! 


    Any of you who tested? What do you think of the product? :)



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