My Business Week

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    Already Sunday, time goes by so sky fast :)

    Last week, the focus was on getting rid of everything superfluous that took place on my to-do list, and this week there was finally room to check out some more fun, creative things!

    The week as a whole has been very productive, both with things for preparatory purposes that contribute to development - a lot of focus on personal development with a goal image and drive mixed with health and well-being. Not just for myself but for people around me.

    But I have also had time for many things that make a difference now at once, good mix there! :)

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    Personnel care - Yoga after work
    Last Monday we had our first yoga session at the salon! After closing one day a week, a yoga instructor comes to the salon and we train together.

    There are many successful people who do yoga and meditation, I have heard in various podcasts;) I really like that everyone not only talks about how important it is to work rock hard, first at work and then at the gym type, but also take care of their mental health.

    If yoga is something for me remains to be seen, the first time you just try to keep up with all the instructions haha. By the way, is it just me who finds it hard to think about my breathing? If I think about it, it feels like I'm not getting enough air.

    Campaign Plan & Updated Design
    Have you seen that we have updated the website? :) Miska and I have worked a lot with this week! Take a look at and came with response ♥

    Miska and I have such good teamwork when we work with the website! I get speeded up on coffee and cut and paste in photoshop what I want it to look like, which Miska then realizes with codes and plugins here and there that I do not understand much of;)

    The top image on the website will be a slide with slideshows of about 4 images that are replaced every month. Now that we're doing the technical stuff, we only have one picture, but I'm in full swing with the October pictures.

    Among other things, I will do a Get the look make-up every month with only products that can be bought in the webshop. This week I have done the make-up for next month - a Halloween make-up!

    In other words, the salon, the website and our social channels will become more vibrant and, above all, more connected - both in terms of design and that the same images and campaigns are available in all places. Good, is not it? :)

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    What do you think of our design? :)

    Our graphic design has had to grow a little slowly but surely. We decided on everything basic last autumn, such as the new logo, our colors and fonts, but there is so much more that creates the whole and the feeling, such as the shiny background we have in almost all our photos today and now we added one with a little color in the webshop too :) Surely it turned out fine?

    Movie for secret project
    I have also edited a film for a thing I can not talk about, took a total of 6 hours haha. You take so many detours when you are not used to it, but you learn a lot from your mistakes and you also have to comfort yourself with it :)

    Kissing meetings - Ppersonal udevelopmentssamtal
    In addition, we have had our first kiss meetings! We call our group meetings hug meetings (constructive, fun, all employees) and our personal development talks kiss meetings haha. You have to have a little fun :)

    I hold these meetings individually with each person and discuss personal goals, health, well-being, development, areas of responsibility, feedback and have follow-up every month. It feels really rewarding to be able to sit in peace and quiet with each person, you are not spoiled by that!

    The most important thing we discuss is the importance of having future dreams. When the entrepreneur Mikael Arndt visited Framgångspodden, he said so cleverly "the biggest reason why people do not reach their goals is because someone else has set them" because that is often how you work in a company, it is the management that sets the goals . But having your own goals is so important! Most people say that it is important to reach them, but I want to add that it is important to get the wonderful intoxication of joy when they have been reached! It's so easy to just "raise the bar" all the time otherwise and not understand how far you have come, I myself am an expert at it.

    Now I'll throw on a face mask and have a cup of tea in front of Gossip Girl and recharge my batteries properly for the next business week! :)

    Have a nice Sunday evening everyone ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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