My business week

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    This week has been a week where I really feel like I'm starting to get a return on all the work I put in the company since I started the company about 4 years ago!

    I talked to a customer this week who said that sometimes it's lucky that you do not know how hard and how much time a thing will take, because if you had known it, you might never have started haha. We started talking about this through discussions and renovations, but quickly realized that it can be applied to many parts of life - including entrepreneurship.

    I have lived in poverty, worked hard and had many hours of stress in various problems that need to be solved and fixed. BUT this week I have benefited from many of the benefits of being an entrepreneur! In the end, the reward comes stealthily! :)

    To be able to vary their working hours
    In the past, I have been almost provoked when people think that you can be completely free with your working hours just because you have a company. On the contrary, I had it, worked constantly and had to say no to a lot just because I could not be free.

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    But now I am slowly but surely starting to get a little more freedom with the times! Still working more than 100% but can, as I said, add up the hours as it suits me. It felt not least when I could be free all Wednesday and spend time with my sister who lives in Finland who came and visited ♥

    I did work a little on the morning twig anyway haha but only because I could not keep my fingers away and not because I really had to;)

    Movie editing
    Much of this week has been spent editing the films I wrote about last Sunday. 2 movies with a long and a short version on both so there were 4 movies. It went really well, the films have now been submitted and they were very happy with the result! Pjuh :)

    And between the base make-up film and the hair film, I filmed when I also made up my eyes, so there were a total of 5 films to be edited! So I have edited it during the week as well and it will be published shortly.

    Here I am editing film on our freshly sanded floor, we are completely renovating and have no furniture haha.

    A workplace that provides energy & Saturday jobs
    I am so lucky to have managed to build a job that not only takes energy but also ger energy! Usually people love Fridays because it's a weekend soon, while I was bubbly and caffeinated and thought "I'll probably work tomorrow too!" Lol.

    And so did I! I woke up early and had a quiet autumn morning with lit candles and breakfast in front of the fire (I know, Miss, I enjoy it!) And then I did a Halloween make-up in the photo studio which you will see step by step soon. Then there was a computer job on the couch with a cat in her arms. Mys ♥

    Lots of admin jobs
    As I wrote last week, I have started collecting all customer bookings on the same day and it has really given results, I have done so much!

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    I am planning an autumn event 1 Nov, a major cleaning of our product range and news, purchasing and planning for our barber starting 8 November, I have started fixing with the pictures for our November campaigns, I am planning an internal training for our makeup artists, meeting with a distributor and I am also compiling all the tasks that need to be taught if the salon is to be completely self-propelled without me and Miska being in place.

    Self-propelled salon before June 2018
    The latter in the last paragraph is one of our goals before June 30, 2018. At present, Miska and I can not be away at the same time without the colleagues getting it super stressful and very many important tasks are not done at all because only we know them. It is not sustainable.

    But now I have listed exactly everything that needs to be done for the salon to be self-propelled, the staff has had to go through and give wishes on what they want to learn. Now I am compiling this and luckily there are very scattered bursts of what everyone wants so I think the puzzle goes together perfectly without us having to "force on" someone a task they do not want :) So good!

    A quick picture I took last Friday before I went home just before closing. Here are 3 out of 5 makeup artists (Zahra, Ida and Olga) and spice up our Friday customers ♥ Slanted behind me was also Ämma and permanent lashes on a customer. Full house at the salon then!

    Can you imagine that feeling, to end the week by seeing their awesome team do the world's best job on satisfied customers and a really nice atmosphere throughout the salon. Magically!

    Now I will go out into the garden again and continue with the autumn cleaning that we have been doing all day :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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