My business week v. 13

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    I have unfortunately been bad at taking pictures this week, so it will be a pretty short Sunday post :)

    Will sharpen me!

    Fix in the extra room
    Last Sunday I wrote that we now have another room that will be used for staff rooms, storage, meetings and childcare when Annika has customers.

    Our face-out room has two treatment rooms, a shop, a bathroom and a waiting corner so it works for the makeup artists, but what gets messy is storage + lunch time. In addition, it is not entirely optimal if Mileya (Annika's baby) should be at work and sing :)

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    The extra room is located diagonally across the street so it is very close and good! Our old salon was so big so it's kind of the same distance from the store to the lunch room anyway haha.

    This week we have bought chairs and a sofa bed and fixed them in there! We can put stuff there but do not really have access until April 1 so there is no electricity there yet, but we can fix a little anyway!

    Newly renovated walls and floors! The room has three rooms, a toilet and a small storage room. Clockwise!

    Here Miska builds a sofa bed while I screw chairs.

    Mileya approved the couch! :)

    Product training with our new makeup artist
    I have also had product training with our new makeup artist Shafiee, she has done quite a lot of makeup with our products already but we are very product-focused and to be able to hold a really good makeup consultation, it is important that you know your products.

    There are so many different products today so it is not enough to just be able to put on make-up, you have to know the products to give good recommendations. Two liquid foundations can look the same when you look at the packaging, but it suits completely different people and gives completely different results in terms of coverage, structure, application and glow / dullness.

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    It was really fun! I could have asked one of my colleagues to hold the training but I took it myself just because it's fun :)

    We have also started publishing pictures of Shafiee's treatments in our social channels and now she is part of the team for real!

    Already popular! Great fun! :)

    New - comprehensive foundation from Pixi
    Launching a novelty is not as fast as for many other companies. First it must be tested properly before it qualifies in our range, then I take pictures and step-by-step. Then I make two different posts, one for the blog and one for the beauty guide page on our website. And then it should be added with product pictures (which I also usually puzzle with myself) and all shades etc.

    So we have had it in the store for a while now but now it is finally online too!

    Here you can see the before and after pictures and step by step if you are curious :) In our web shop I always make a blog post for the products and "supplement with tips" with other products that fit well together.

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    Since I do not have many pictures, here is in text only a selection of the other things I did this week:

    • Added our trainee Stina in the booking system, she is so good and often brings her own exercise models that she can now book in so that we can see when she uses a treatment place. So she does not take customers, it is only important to have an overview now that we have a smaller salon. There are sometimes interns who are more of a job than a benefit, but Stina really helps and makes it easier for her colleagues. It is important to take advantage of good trainees, I have learned, many will even become colleagues in the future! Or co-owners like myself;) I who started as Annika's intern once upon a time!
    • Answered thousands of emails it feels like, I do not know what has happened to my inbox I have probably never received this much email before, because most emails directly to the salon and I do not respond to that email. But it's fun! :) Many who have questions and our treatments and products, make-up tips, people who want to book an appointment etc.
    • I've been to healing at Marica in Uppsala. It was very cool and afterwards I got advice too and everything she said was true! Can really recommend!
    • In addition, I have written a gift certificate for the house that I owned before, so now I am officially a guesthouse resident :) What is our plan? Right now we are having a good time with Annika and she does too, we have our own small house (playhouse? Haha) so we have no stress anywhere. It will be very cheap too! We are a mix between neighbors and cohabitants, we hang out a lot, always eat dinner together and go out together when we go somewhere, but we are also in "our own homes" so you do not go on each other directly.
    • On Monday and Friday I worked from home, then the days are spent with first make-up and photo and then computer work with my cat Viktoria in my arms. Not so interesting for you, but nice to get a lot of such things fixed too!

    Now I will enjoy a free Sunday and start the day with a run! I also bought new running shoes this week, or cheap casual shoes if I am to be completely correct. According to the staff at Stadium, it was life threatening to run without real running shoes, but those shoes were so ugly and expensive at the same time so I made the risky decision to run without proper shock absorption;)

    Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

    Speaking of which, my first run went so well. After running for a while, I got the brilliant idea to run in the woods, like the worst wolf! But with my sense of place it turned out to be an extremely bad idea, even with gps it took me 45 minutes to get out of there haha. With the result in hand, I went for a while in the direction of 100% in the opposite direction to what I should, it is not possible to go more wrong than that haha.

    But tomorrow is Monday and April 1! So nice with new week and new month on the same day. So then it will be a new healthy time!

    No now I will stop chatting :) Hug you and have a nice Sunday! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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