My business week v. 16

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    Good morning Sunday!

    The sun is shining and I am very happy with the week that has been :)

    Our Spain plans have received a push!
    I have mentioned before that we want to live in Spain and work remotely, last week I also wrote that we had just got the idea to start a salon in Spain as well!

    In normal cases, I do not usually go out with all our ideas before something is nailed down, but it can be a fun follow-up, I think, that you have been the only one since we hatched the idea and started dreaming as well :)

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    The update on the subject is that the law of attraction or the universe seems to like this idea!

    1. On Monday I spoke to a customer who has lived in Spain (in different places) and said that Fuengirola is the best place to have the salon and that the best accommodation (for our wishes) is in Mijas Costa which is just outside. In Fuengirola, there is a great demand for Swedish services and from what she knew, there are not many beauty salons there either. I had never heard of Fuengirola before, we have mostly watched Malaga and Nerja :)

    2. On Thursday I started chatting with another customer who was sitting in the waiting room while I served coffee, gave anesthesia (before eyebrow tattoo) etc. and after a while she told me that she bought a house in Spain, "where in Spain?" I asked, "Do you know where Fuengirola is?" she said. Jaa! And do you know? She had just bought a house in Mijas Costa! Got to see lots of pictures and movies :) She said we will have lots to do if we have a salon there!

    3. The customer who has lived in Spain before emailed me with tips at a hair salon in Fuengirola that I could contact, because she certainly knows how much demand there is. In the same vein, Annika and I talked about maybe starting with Annika just renting a room and checking the situation before we open up an entire salon, fix accommodation for us and staff, etc. And do you know what the hairdresser answers? "I have a vacant room that I am looking for a tenant for!" :)

    Annika and this hairdresser have not had time to talk yet, so it may not be relevant anyway when we know more details. But still fun that the ball is rolling!

    This is how I feel when I stay for exalted, if you can be! Then there will be staring, psychic smile and the brain wants me to run in several different directions at the same time haha :)

    A productive week
    This week I have only had 7 customers and no "breaks" in the working day so I have gotten a lot done!

    Among other things, last week was not very productive with blog posts, but this week I have blogged every single day and am also finished with tomorrow's blog post! Nice start to the week :)

    Among other things, I have worked from home in the make-up studio, made a beauty guide post to the webshop with swatch pictures on one of our eyebrow pencils. I have worked with the campaign pictures for May, event planning for our summer event (including goodiebags planning), rowed the schedule for the summer when one of our makeup artists is unfortunately on long-term sick leave :( and looked for a hair stylist who can help us this summer, decided and ordered a fun news for the webshop, fixed with before and after pictures for the salon's social media.

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    So a lot of different stuff, but most fun things! And I have been a little extra at the reception at the salon as well, but all that "everyday-doing" does not feel so fun to retell, I think :)

    I have also tested a possible future eyebrow treatment - henna eyebrows! Have any of you tested or heard of it? I ran into it by chance and think it sounds crazy interesting!

    So it's like a tan that also colors the skin! So you get a more make-up result. It stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks, if you have very oily skin, the durability will be much shorter, however.

    I am very happy with the first try! Was a little scared only the first time so I did not let it sit for very long and took a very faint color in the inner edges, so will experiment a little more this weekend, I thought.

    Would you like to do the treatment? :)

    I have some straw + eyebrow tattoo so it is a bit difficult to assess the durability exactly. So I tested on the arm too! It still shows color and then I even took a bath in the bathtub :)

    But there is a process left before we can decide whether to start with this or not. Try all the different colors and shades, test on different people, gain experience about durability, etc. But my hope (and first impression) is that it will work gallantly and that we can start doing the treatment at the salon during the summer!

    But it can just as well be a flop and that we do not start with it at all, or find another brand or whatever. Continuation simply follows.

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    Take advantage of the commuting time
    I live in Gimo which is 50 km from Uppsala = about 2 hours travel time a day depending on whether we travel by car or bus.

    I try to be good at taking advantage of that time, so that you do not waste 2 hours every day! And that does not mean that I should always be as productive as when I work in the office (but sometimes I am) because I get nauseous easily if I sit and look down at my computer for so long. The mobile phone is lighter because you do not have it in your lap in the same way.

    For example. Miska and I usually have inspiring conversations about the future - also very important for development! Or we have "meetings" about things that need to be fixed immediately or discuss the working day. Sometimes I usually do such a job that I never prioritize otherwise, such as looking for inspiration and checking trends on instagram so that you e.g. can find new treatments, e.g. henna eyebrows;)

    What I want to say is that you have to think about efficiency! And to be efficient does not have to mean "work super-focused" because it is still difficult when you sit on a bus and the like, but for me it means that you should take advantage of the time and not just waste it on "sitting and being bored ”. Two hours a day becomes so extremely much time in a whole year!

    Or I take pictures of my make-up and post them on my Insta Story, like this picture I posted last Thursday;)

    If you knew you were not going to fail, what would you do?
    When I put on my make-up the other day, I listened to the Success Podcast and the latest episode with Kjell Enhager. Then they said, "If you knew you would not fail, what would you do?" and it felt so extremely apt. In addition to the Spain plans, we have some other ideas that I see myself working on in the future and it is very important not to think "I can not" or "I do not dare" and various "think about thoughts".

    I myself am not at all particularly afraid of actually failing. I would rather fail at something I have enjoyed doing than succeed at something I find boring. But it's a great idea to keep in mind and dare to ask yourself that question!

    Do it to yourselves, if you knew you would not fail, what would you have done then? And then you just do it! :)

    Hugs are! ♥


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Fuengirola is very nice and has a large portion of Swedes there, both who are on holiday and live more or less permanently. In recent years, it has also moved down a lot of pimples. I was really looking forward to reading about such a trip as I myself have a house down there :) Good luck with everything!

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