My business week v. 26

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    It is with a split head that I look back on this week - part of me can not understand that it is already Sunday while another part of me thinks that everything that happened at the beginning of the week feels like an eternity ago haha!

    Customer survey on g!
    We want to reach out even more with the mindset that you can see beauty as wellness and have now therefore done a customer survey at the salon with how each person experiences this. The questions are e.g. why you take care of your appearance, if (and in such cases how) they feel any difference inside before and after a visit to us e.g. happier, more harmonious, relaxed etc.

    In part, we have published this as a form on our Facebook page. We also distribute these in paper format to all customers in the salon who have been with us before, step number two then becomes to compile everything. What I can see already now is that 100% feel better on the inside when they take care of the outside and the reason for using makeup and other beauty products is mainly to 1. feel nice yourself and not for others to think you are nice and 2. to take care of himself. Not a single person so far in our survey has answered that it is to fit into the ideal of society.

    Very exciting :)

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    Here I lie in bed in the evening and fix the examination - while two boys try to get my attention haha ♥

    On top of that, we thought we would collect some quotes for the website :) We have so many amazing customers who tell us how much they appreciate our salon - and we are of course proud of that!

    Took a screenshot of the first nice words that came into the survey! It warms the heart!

    Glue situation at the salon
    We have worked extremely hard lately for working routines at the salon - but sometimes it fails, which led to the glue used for eyelash permanent (lash lift) not being ordered on time.

    So my God what a pers it has been! We are so crazy fully booked with eyelash permanent now during the summer and bought another glue with a shorter delivery time, which turned out to be catastrophic-bad that we actually realized that it was better to cancel all customers than to use this glue. The glue is used to paste the lashes that are bent / shaped exactly as you paste them, so it is very important that it is done nicely and we absolutely do not want to risk any bad results.

    But in emergency times, it is important to be proactive - even though the glue was on its way and could come on time, you can not just stand and keep your fingers crossed hope that it resolves.

    I have therefore called all salons in Uppsala and asked if they have glue, I have also picked up glue from the only salon that could help us but realized that it would not be enough, we have searched the entire stock of other types of skin glue and tested these on Miska's eyelashes haha, Annika found a glue splash at home as well which had been enough for some customers in any case. We were in constant contact with Postnord and tried to get it so that we could pick up the package with glue immediately when it arrives at Arlanda.

    The day came when we either had to get the package or cancel the customers - which would have cost us SEK 17,300 in lost revenue + staff costs for just the the day. And not least, it cost us disappointed customers who could not get their eyelashes fixed.

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    Miska had contact with Postnord the first thing he did in the morning, he had not even gotten out of bed haha. Then after many ifs and buts we find out that we can pick up the package and Miska says "now we go!" and I just drop everything I have and hurry off with the car.

    I was so stressed / nervous that I could not follow Miska into Postnord but sat in the car. Then I saw him come out without package, he runs into the car and says "get directions to Skolgatan!". Inside Postnord, they had said "the package went with the truck this morning and will come to you in the middle of the day, but you can try to catch up with him!".

    It's lucky that Miska is good at driving, what a speed! Finally we got hold of the package and 25 minutes before opening we arrived at the salon and order was restored. PJUH!

    Here you see a running Miska haha! Equally good that I stayed in the car, I had still slowed down with my short legs;)

    I did not have time to eat breakfast that morning and had not had time for lunch the day before (not at all like me I must add, I am usually good with the food!) So I got go-pie for breakfast then haha :)

    Test make-up and bridal make-up!
    I also work 6-day week because yesterday we had lots of bridal make-up at the salon, so wonderful :)

    I also made up two wedding guests and managed to get 2 of my make-ups to want glitter so it made my day haha, I love glitter!

    The bridal make-up I had last Saturday, I did a test make-up on Monday and then it looked like this:

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    The hair is made by our hair stylist and makeup artist Lisa! I just love the glossy coral lips, so nice! :)

    Test make-up is also fun because then you can often take the turns a little more, if you are unsure of how much / strongly you want certain details, it is better to go all in on the test makeup and then tone it down on the big day.

    I have taken before and after pictures of the end result then as you will see in a post next week, among other things we chose a milder lip color, put more purple on the eyelids (not so much visible in the picture above when she looks straight ahead) and so we also added some glitter!

    These are the days you just love working as a makeup artist! :)

    Meeting, meeting, meeting!
    Me, Miska and Annika have tried to use every gap in the schedule to have time to talk, it's a lot now :)

    On the one hand, we are merging the finances of the companies TODAY (which I told you about in last week's post) but we also have e.g. booked Mia (who is a new employee with us) on a microneedling training on Åland and is also submitting an expression of interest on a few different things.

    Usually we have one or two larger projects in the air but now there are several quite large balls so it is important to juggle;)

    Here Annika came into my cave office when her customer never showed up on time and Annika then got an unexpected gap in the schedule :)

    In last week's business post, I wrote about creativity and the importance of letting oneself take it easy for creativity, inspiration and motivation to come. During working hours, you check off a to-do list, while the ideas usually come when you have an inner peace :)

    I then wrote that I have cow abstinence because I grew up with cows at my grandmother's house but now have not been allowed to cuddle with a cow for a very long time. Later this week, my sister Linda said "come home earlier on Friday because then I have a surprise for you!".

    Do you know where we went? To an organic dairy farm where I could cuddle with the cows as much as I wanted! How wonderful! :)

    Cows love to get itchy under the chin with my long nails haha ♥ The farm is called Elin's Happy Organic Cows and I recommend everyone who lives around the Gimo area to buy milk directly from her - it was super easy and you do it yourself in a vending machine! :)

    After this I was so relaxed that I wanted to go to bed already at 7 o'clock but stayed awake until 9 in any case. I really had an inner peace! I was cow-calm haha!

    Now I'm going to have a cozy Sunday :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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