My Midsummer Eve

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    I get a lot of requests to show some personal photos here in the blog as well, and not just makeup. I will try to get better at it and start now with some pictures from our Midsummer Eve! :) ♥


    Miska and I made our own midsummer wreaths with flowers from my mother's plot before we went to grandma's. Fina va? :) Less is not more.


    The sisters help out with the food at Grandma's nice wood stove! Malin's heat protection mitten is nice too;)

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    baby ronja

    Ronja babysitter Mille meanwhile ♥

    baby midsummer wreath

    Mille got his own midsummer wreath, cutie ♥ He yawns in one of the pictures, although it looks like he is screaming haha.


    Mila and Miska :)

    midsummer evening dinner

    You should sit outside, even though it is cold;) In the picture on the right you see Linnea's reaction when she sees this youtube clip, so much fun!


    Mila, grandmother's dog Tinka, Miska and Meja ♥

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    granny selfie

    Mia takes a selfie with grandma, and teaches her how to flutter her lips :)


    Thord plunged into the glass during dinner and gave a small speech to his wife Irja who was so incredibly cute!

    He first tell an anecdote about when Irja had a surprise party for him when he turned 30, everyone jumped up and sang! And he thought all evening "I wonder how I can tell everyone that it is not until the next month I turn one, and that it is not the 9th but the 10th, and that it is not 30, but 29..." Lol! So now he surprised her on her wedding day when yesterday was exactly one day, a month and a year before they celebrate 30 years as married ♥♥♥


    Mila steals strawberries from the cake;)


    My lovely grandmother and her lovely sheep!


    When it was time for dessert, the sheep also wanted it - all the birches we decorated with!

    Then there was a barbecue in the rain before we went home - and then the jackets went on. I stole my sister's jacket and Miska stole my grandmother's;)

    Hope you had as wonderful a Midsummer Eve as we did!

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. What a cozy midsummer you seem to have had! And what a fantastic picture of you and Miska in the end! I myself spent Midsummer in Italy to celebrate my partner's brother who turned 40! Very funny! Especially since it was 2-3 years since we met him and his girlfriend with family :)

    2. What a nice midsummer you had. Love the picture of your grandmother when she learns how to have a selfie haha. So heavenly cute baby too and you and Miska are so cute together. ❤️

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