Warning for the "hype" around the Taffy method!

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    I often get questions about permanent makeup, and in recent years there have been lots of questions about the taffy method, which is a special technique when tattooing eyebrows. It has become very hyped to tattoo just taffy, and since I have not tested the method myself, I can not comment on how much better / worse it is than other methods.

    MEEEN I talked to Annika at Creative Makeup yesterday and she was so sad for all the customers who come to her with ugly eyebrows that need to be corrected - it has become much, much more since the Taffy method became popular and very many just the last month have come to her with ugly Taffy eyebrows.

    This is because no matter what method you use, it is still very important that the person who tattoos you is good! Otherwise it will not be good anyway. So when you are looking for salons, do not go for what they use for method, but go for how knowledgeable they are.

    Many people email me and look for "the nearest salon that makes taffy eyebrows" which is a very risky thought when you do such a sensitive thing as a tattoo on the face. You have no idea (not even I understood it before I started working with makeup at Creative Makeup one day a week) how many people really get their face ruined by rogue tattooists, even in salons in Sweden that otherwise look professional


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    I'm not saying that all Taffy tattoos are bad (it's probably mostly about the tattoo artist) and I'm not so familiar with what the Taffy method means, other than that they do not use a tattoo machine, but a small knife that they dip in paint and then cut small lines in the skin with.

    But the most common problems with taffy eyebrows that Annika has fixed, are that the color quickly turns gray and looks a bit like a pencil. And that the straws have flowed together and look a bit "messy". On some customer, I even think it would have been like a little lump somewhere. And then, of course, it is always required that the person has an eye for color, shape and symmetry, and sometimes it is such details that are wrong, which then largely depends on the tattoo artist and not the tattoo method.

    In other words - I'm not saying that Taffy is bad, but I can say without hesitation that several Taffy tattoo artists are not good! I have seen it with my own eyes. So I say it again, just because taffy is hyped, do not be blinded by hearing the word "taffy method" and strike, but check out the salon and previous customers carefully.

    And as you know, I recommend Annika to 100%, and there is a reason why she is so heavenly fully booked. She does not have a single free time of the whole year left! The new times for 2016 will be released soon. The one who is waiting for something good…;)

    Hugs are ♥

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    1. Very important what you write. I have got ugly eyebrows that are gray and look sticky. In addition, I have scars, line after the knife. Am so sorry…

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