Mingle with the make-up brand Makiash

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    The day before yesterday I was in Stockholm where Presskontakterna had an event with Makiash - a make-up brand that has only been on the market since January 2014 if I remember correctly.

    It is so inspiring to listen to people who are passionate about what they do, who have started something themselves from scratch and who prioritize quality over spitting out lots of products that sell just because they are nice or cheap. I love listening to the thoughts about the different products and how they have thought with all the details, really fun :)


    The basic idea around Makiash is to create products with the help of experience from models, who know the importance of how important it is with makeup that lasts well. The idea is that the people should "stand out" and be emphasized, not the make-up.

    Makiash is a classy and nice brand, I have not tested so much myself (yet, will dive into my goodie bag as soon as possible!) But what I have tested I have liked and the quality of everything feels very good I must say.

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    In my eyes, the range is a bit boring, or basic is a better word choice maybe because everything is very, very nice. So for those of you who like classic shades and simple products, but who maintain high quality, you should take an extra look Makiash and check out their products! :)




    After the event, I took a walk in the sun on the streets of Stockholm (with the GPS that screamed in my purse when I was about to turn haha) and went from Östermalm to Slussen where I met Nicolin! Oh what I want to live closer to Stockholm every time I meet her, becomes so rare now.

    We ate two cheeseburgers on foot while we crawled to Mosebacke and sat down and talked shit, with the incredible view of Stockholm next to us, huur cozy at any time!

    So my end on Tuesday felt more like a Friday and now my perception of time on weekdays is complete chaos, and yesterday I panicked at 10 o'clock when I realized that "help me to be at Creative Make Up today!" before I thought about it and realized that no it's not until tomorrow, pjuuh.

    So today I have had a full day at the salon which is always just as nice, never meet so many blog readers as here :) Now I go home and sleep with my mother overnight, when Miska is away fishing for two days and I am dependent on others people to be able to sleep by themselves.

    Now I'm going to stop chatting. Hope you have a great evening! ♥

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