Mirins Copenhagen Body Oil

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    I really like oils in all their forms, hair oil, body oil, cuticle oil, etc. But I use body oil quite rarely, even though I love the feeling of it, the skin becomes so heavenly soft from a good body oil!

    And the reason for this is simply that I think it goes into the skin a little too slowly, a lotion that does not go in super fast is not hard to have on the skin, but to walk around and be oily I can not for many minutes, not even if I use as little as possible.

    But Mirins Copenhagen Aromatherapy Body Oil is actually absolutely wonderful! It goes quickly into the skin and instead of it feeling oily in the meantime, the skin mostly just feels nicely lubricated, much like an expensive hand cream when you can not really stop touching your own hands haha.

    I have lubricated myself a lot with it since I got it as a press test a while ago!


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    Mirins Copenhagen's body oil is available in several different variants, but all are based on the same oils and they are apricot oil, jojoba oil and argan oil.

    The difference between the different body oils is the scents. They come from essential oils and I have the scent "Purify”Which contains rosemary, tea tree and mint. It does not smell super much I must say, quite mild and fresh and I like that! No scent that takes over as well, but if you put your nose in it, it smells a bit like tiger balm. Must be the mint in the one that makes me think about it, but the scent becomes very discreet on the body :)

    The oil is not at all expensive but very thin and runny, and it is nice when you want to spread it on the body and that is probably why it does not feel painfully oily on the skin. I use it mostly on hands / cuticles that I lubricate several times a day, and it works great even though you have to stuff and donate with your hands immediately afterwards.


    Bad picture maybe but here you see how runny it is, I would take a picture in my hand but it slipped out and had time to run on the side before I had time to hold my hand in front of the camera :) It was this I happened to have too much of in my hair, because it felt so easy!

    In other words, I say two thumbs up! It is available for purchase Rideitbarefoot.com and costs SEK 270.

    Hug hug!

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