MissLisibell - Make up as a child

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    Have you heard of Lisa Jonsson, or MissLisibell as she calls herself? She is a very make-up-interested girl, who has her own makeup blog and uploads lots of makeup videos on Youtube with over 25 million views.

    The "different" thing is that she just is 12 years old (think she was even younger when she started) which impresses many, especially girls of the same age, while others become anxious and a little provoked by her young age.

    MissLisibell - Make up as a child

    MissLisibell - Make up as a child

    I entered Misslisibell today via this article, which is about girls' appearance fixation despite their young age. The mother who writes the article has an 8-year-old daughter who both wants to put on make-up and wear a bra.

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    It felt a little shocking at first to hear Misslisibell or Lisa talk about being "single" and then she puts foundation on her already spotless complexion that has not had a single pimple yet. But when I think back to myself at that age, I recognize myself a lot! When I started putting on make-up, I was also 11-12 years old, and got my first kiss at the same age :)

    I think Lisa is cool and does not seem to take on appearance fixation "over her head" but just seems to have fun! I have written a previous post about children and makeup that you can read here.

    However, I am a little afraid of the signals that are sent out to all the other girls around, who may not be as confident.

    Most of all, I'm a little curious about what you have to say about this? :) Is it completely crazy, or does it just feel like that because we ourselves do not remember what it was like when you were 12?


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