Modern Twiggy Makeup

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    Today's makeup is inspired by Ginnifer Goodwin makeup she wore at the American Music Awards 2012 - which in turn was inspired by Twiggy :)

    Nice huh?

    However, I have white along the waterline instead of the bronze color that Ginnifer Went has, I did so first but thought it looked better with white because I do not have as perfect lower lashes. My lower lashes are my own while Ginnifer has loose lashes :)

    The lipstick is Paese Lipstick with argan oil in shade 37.

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    Light eye shadow on the entire eyelid and in the corner of the eye, Paese Shimmer Trio Eyeshadow (802 Dancing Queen)
    Black eye shadow along the lash line, Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (602)
    Brown eye shadow smoked over the black, Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (604)
    Bronzig eyeliner along the lower lash line, Yves Rocher Waterproof Eye Pencil (06.Cuivre)
    White eyeliner along the waterline, Paese Eye Pencil White.
    Black mascara on all lashes, IsaDora Volume Lash Styler.

    Hope you were inspired! ♥


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. The make-up was really nice and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your lashes. Then I thought your make-up was much nicer because you had white eyeliner in the waterline. Have a question: When should I paint my eyes with eye shadow and use white shadow in the corner of the eye , so it is not visible. Now I have the lightest foundation because I have such light skin, and then do not want darker. I have Lumene primer and think it is good but am thinking of switching to Urban Decay. But can you recommend any good white eye shadow that is "visible". Has one from MUS but it is not visible either. Grateful for tips.

      • Hello Hello! What fun that you like the make-up :) Do you want a matte white shade or a shimmery one? I recommend using a false eye shadow with a little shimmer (shimmer makes the shadow "pop" and is more visible) or a cream shadow that turns as white as in the jar. I like Yag minerals white eye shadow Star White, Eco minerals white loose shadow is also very white and good! Max Factor's cream shadow in the color tattoo series is also good. Hug!

    2. Her name is Ginnifer Goodwin, right? Or maybe she got married and changed her last name? Became most curious! Thanks for a great blog! Hug

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