My business week - New start!

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    This week started with a new week and new month at the same time, Monday the 1st of July, which made for a fresh start right? :)

    In this Sunday post, I thought I would write about just that theme, because this week has been quite symbolic for me in terms of getting a fresh start!

    New business year
    On Monday we started a new business year (because we have financial statements last June) with a new and fresh sheet in the accounts, very nice!

    We always set a goal in the company that is until June 30, so now is the time to set a new goal for next year!

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    Three of the points in the previous pictures were these:

    • The staff handles all daily activities and problem solving - CHECK!
    • We have a well-functioning room and routines where both customers and employees are happy - CHECK!
    • The staff's sales make the salon safe and profitable - not a complete check.

    The last point is that the company should go plus even if Annika does not take customers, which we have unfortunately not done yet. It's not really about us having a bad income (because we do not have it) but that we have too high costs. High salaries for the employees and high quality of both premises, products and consumables, then a huge amount of tax on it. We must review this thoroughly in the coming business year!

    When you set a goal, it is not to "just hope" that you reach it, but you ska reach it! You follow up everything regularly and if you see that it is not going in the right direction, you have to work / change strategy so that it does. But even though we struggled, we have not reached all the way there and it feels really sour!

    But here's it: We've come a long way anyway! We are really going to give ourselves a pat on the back all of us! A year ago, we were sitting in an insecure room with a demolition contract and if Miska and I were not in place, the routines would not work. We felt that we were "stuck" in several ways. But now we have a good room with ventilation and good heating / cooling, the colleagues manage themselves and take care of all daily work at the salon such as customers, orders, pack webshop packages, recipe jobs, etc. So good!

    What will be the next goal picture remains to be seen, Miska, me and Annika will sit down some day and talk things through!

    But what we have decided on already now is to invest more in marketing and resume the routines with regular meetings. When Annika had a child and we were all a bit on parental leave in the spring, we have not been able to have meetings as often, but after the holidays we roll up our sleeves again :)

    So this week I booked all the meetings for the autumn! Every other week we have meetings with everyone and once a month we also have individual meetings. Hug meeting stands for kunstructive, roligt, alla moath workers and kissing meetings stand for ppersonal udevelopmentssamtal.

    Exercise & diet schedule
    Monday, July 1, is there a better day to buy a gym card? :)

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    On Monday, Miska and Annika and I started as test persons for the Fitness family, so for the next 4 weeks we have a diet and exercise schedule! The idea is that you will see before and after pictures later! You can follow on Instagram @fitnessfamiljen :) We mostly post on Insta Stories.

    The fitness family has three different layouts:

    Miska runs "muscle growth" and should increase maximum in muscle but have a minimal fat loss.
    I runs "sculpting" which is mainly muscle gain but also fat burning. Simply reshaping the body!
    Annika run "fat burning" to get rid of their pregnancy pounds. She did a round in May when she lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks, in between she has had a break and now she runs the last to reach her goal weight.

    Each diet and exercise schedule is also adapted for each person of course!

    I have a pretty bad posture so every morning I do exercises to get a better posture. Nothing hard but mostly to activate / stretch the muscles.

    My approach is brief as follows:
    3 training days a week when I eat a lot of carbohydrates, a lot of protein and a little fat.
    4 rest days a week when I eat a lot of protein, enough fat and some carbohydrates.

    So there is always quite a lot of protein but the difference is that I eat some fat when I exercise and some carbohydrates when I have a day off.

    The training schedule is quite tough to build muscle fast. In some exercises, you should run as hard as you can a set, then you reduce the weights but increase the number of repetitions. So hard!

    Miska drove first and then the bar looked like this:

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    Then we removed the weights and I could not do a single ground lift with just the bar! I prayed ”I do not think Hampus understands how weak I am! How can I lose weight when I can not even carry any weights!?!" Lol.

    But then we found a smaller rod for me:

    Soo humid it looks hahaha! It was awkward!

    3. A more mañana lifestyle
    I'm so tired of using the word stress, it becomes such a negative condition when you constantly say it even when you talk about improvements such as ”stress less, become stress free"Or various forms of anxiety / imbalance"I have inner stress, I am stressed because my to-do list is so long, my skin is stressed, oh god what a stress boost when Miska wins in crocket”Or whatever it may be haha.

    I have a period now where I both have a lot to do, have financial catastrophic thoughts and also a little insecure in the feeling that I live temporarily in a tiny cottage. Sure, it works well now, but it's not a life goal right away.

    But do you know how I feel? It's one thing I've started to think about and remind myself quite often lately - that everything does not always have to be so deep at once! Take it a little mañana Helena, haha :) You who listen to the Friday podcast know that Amanda Shulman often refers to the song "let it be" and it has helped me a lot too, but the mantra "mañana" I started thinking by chance and it really helps !

    I want a slightly more chill attitude to things, take problems and challenges with a heel kick. Because you know what? It makes no difference to be worried or stressed! I do not like the mindset "what will it do in 100 years?" for almost nothing does anything in 100 years, if you think so, nothing matters. But life goes on even when things do not go as planned, which happens exactly all the time :) All entrepreneurs live more or less with economic catastrophe thoughts, but what is the worst that can happen? I can get rid of the company, and yes it would be super boring really but life goes on even then! If I do my best and it still sucks, it will shit regardless of whether I feel good or bad in the meantime haha.

    Like my friend Hampus (who runs the Fitness family) who got cataracts and became completely blind in 4 days! Another had been sitting at home worrying, but do you know what Hampus did? With an old wooden strip as a blind cane, he went home to a friend in the middle of Stockholm to see what it was like to take the subway and get through red lights without seeing anything! Then they went to the pub to test how it feels to party when you are blind. It went away after surgery so he sees now, but they did not know before because he was a special case. He said "but I could not do anything, if I become blind I will become blind regardless”. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!

    So being a mañana is not about me postponing things "until tomorrow" or taking less responsibility, without being able to laugh at complicated situations, not feel bad about small problems and also to jump on things without thinking through it 100 times , be spontaneous! Life should be fun! This is my personality really, but it has been so much responsibility and problem solving in recent years that I have lost that part of myself a little bit. I need something that reminds me of this, like a remember-note that I see all the time;)

    Annika solved it for me today:

    Tattoo studio on g!

    Here I have my remember-note! How nice? ♥ And how good is Annika who writes the worst font freely?

    It is located right on the side of the arm / wrist so if you look at the arm straight from the top it will not be visible. I'm so happy! It feels so good!

    And do you know anything even more fun? She's going to tattoo a similar one on Miska! So now we have the same :) He will also tattoo in "shoes are optional" which he has been thinking about tattooing in since September last year. It's a bit like thinking "mañana", that it's a bit chill and you can live life exactly the way you want! You can wear shoes but you can also get barefoot as well :)

    Now I will eat a cheese salad with mozzarella and vegetarian meatballs for dinner because today I have a day off so then I do not have to cram in carbohydrates :)

    Then we get to see what the evening has to offer, we take it a little mañana! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Has a Chinese character that means joy on the inside of the wrist, which has a bit of the same function for me :)
      Sometimes it can feel a little ridiculous and clichéd, but of course it has reminded me from time to time throughout the years it has been sitting there!

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