My imperfect pages

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    Beauty bloggers can probably often be perceived as "perfect", as it is that side we blog about. We are here to inspire!

    Stylish make-up, fine nails, fixed hair and awesome beauty products. That's what you see.

    Therefore, I now thought to share my, in terms of beauty, imperfect pages!

    I rarely shave my legs
    I only shave my legs if I have to show them (eg in a dress). Or if I just want to feel me prettier for an occasion. This is not due to laziness, I always shaved them before! But Miska always complains about the stump I get so fast - "You stick!" In addition, my straws are very light and soft when they are allowed to grow, so it does not matter much. No one looks under the trouser legs as well!

    Nail polish left since the summer
    In the summer you often show your feet, so then I had red toenails - classic, stylish and nice! However, I never removed the nail polish. When it got colder and the socks went on, I kind of forgot about it. And the little that has not grown out yet, kindly stays at the end of the big toenails!

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    Nice, nice :)

    My underwear
    I'm ashamed if anyone opens my pantry. I have always given priority to spending my few pennies on things that are visible - clothes and make-up. Only I (and Miska) see the underwear. I have, without exaggerating, thongs left since I was 12 years old (my first, H&M with snob print) and I still use them! However, the pressure has disappeared in the laundry…

    Bites on the lips
    I have mentioned before that I bite my lips. Many people do it a little, but for me it is an addiction like biting my nails! There will be big wounds, often so deep that I bleed, everywhere in my mouth where I access - up, down, both sides. I get a sore jaw sometimes because I strain them so much when I sit and gnaw. Sometimes I also have so much pain in the wounds that it is difficult to eat! Then it does not look so fresh either.

    Those were the points I could think of… Maybe update the list after a little more thought;)

    Anyone who recognize themselves? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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