New Year's make-up 40+

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    My second make-up blog Helenaronnblad is filled with new New Year's make-up from time to time throughout December, and yesterday I made up Miska's mother to show you a New Year's make-up that is not on my young face for once :)

    New Year's make-up-40 +

    Before and after!

    Make-up that lifts the eyes
    Oili has really nice big eyelids, but they have started to hang a little with age so I chose to do a make-up that highlights and lifts the gaze, and which is both light and dark as completely dark make-up can feel a little too hard on people who do not usually put on make-up. Often.

    To lift the gaze, you can apply all the dark above the eye, and not put makeup at all on the underside (I have not put anything at all under the eye, Oili has naturally dark lashes so they actually look painted already). Filling in the eyebrows, brightening the innermost part of the eyelid and just below the eyebrow also has an uplifting effect that gives a more alert look.

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    Eyelashes are also good for lifting the gaze, unfortunately we got in such a hurry that I only had time to paint mascara without donating so much more. But curved lashes (and preferably natural false eyelashes if you do not have a lot of lashes yourself) are recommended! Then automatically all sharp transitions on the eye shadow will also look more diffuse when you look straight ahead.

    Choice of eye shadows
    I have chosen to use almost exclusively completely matte eye shadows, as shimmer can emphasize fine lines. But I have finished with a shimmery shadow right at the bottom of the eyelid (where Oili has no lines) plus a really small glittery glitter dab a little on all the light.

    If you dabble in just a little glitter, it is not around all lines, so then it usually goes well without them being highlighted, as long as you have, as I said, founded with a matte shade.

    I also chose a nice dark purple color, which is colorful at the same time as it is dark and gloomy. Super nice!

    I have not painted the lips at all, but I have highlighted the contours with the help of the basic make-up.


    Basic make-up
    Foundation, Yag mineral Mineralfoundation in the shade Soft Cream.
    Highlighter (including under the eyes), Paese Kashmir Matte Light Eyeshadow (667 Candles)
    Rouge, Golden Rose Powder Blush (out of stock but coming again soon!)
    Sun powder, Yag mineral Bronz Mica

    Eyebrows and eyeliner
    I have used the same eyebrow product for the eyebrows and eyeliner, but different shades. It is a creamy white application and then becomes waterproof and rub-proof. It is Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shades Dark Brown and Ebony.

    Purple eye shadow, Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (shade 674)
    Light, matte eye shadow, Paese Kashmir Matte Light Eyeshadow (667 Candles)
    Light, shimmery eye shadow, Annika's Favorite Shadow.
    Small-grained glitter, Kryolan (no retailer can be found on the internet)


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    Hope you were inspired! :)

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