News February 1 - Dr. Hauschka Mineral Foundation

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I have been ordered to keep a new foundation a little secret, but I have used it in a lot of my make-up here in the blog lately. It is a news that will be launched on February 1, and since I am actually bringing this brand into the webshop, this foundation will also be available on then !! :)

And now I got the go-ahead to write about it a bit in advance, as it has already received some reviews already. Very positive reviews as well, which pleases me, read e.g. this post at the Beauty Editors who write "You will experience a hallelujah moment on February 1“Super cool!

The foundation is a liquid mineral foundation that is organic and 100% natural! In addition to minerals, it contains oil from pomegranate, macadamia nut and coconut.

Before - After foundation - With powder, brightening concealer and sun powder.

The brand I am talking about is the organic brand Dr. Hauschka! In the near future I will sell goodies from their range (mainly makeup) on my webshop, and show you how much you can do with their wonderful products :)

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I try to focus as much as possible on products with natural ingredients, and preferably organic as well because I think it is important, and that's where Dr. Hauschka in perfect! Hope you appreciate this :)

Anyway, now to their new foundation:


I have received many requests to take in a liquid foundation, because there are many who do not like to use powdery products. And I have tested super much that I could have taken home, but never been 100% happy and therefore not done.

The people who mainly ask about creamy products are people with mature skin, so it has been important to me that the foundation I take home should work well with wrinkles. And I have a very deep wrinkle from the nasal wing down to the corner of the mouth (congenital, not age) so I can test very easily what works and what does not! And so far it has been only mineral foundation that I feel holds up best and looks most natural even on wrinkles.

But Dr. Hauschka's new foundation is a mineral foundation that in my opinion has all the positive properties that mineral foundation has, even though it is liquid. It keeps my oily skin relatively matte (even though it contains oil!) And it also works great with my cheek wrinkle :)


Before foundation


After foundation

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With transparent powder, brightening concealer and sun powder as well.

The foundation is very easy to apply, I usually use my fingers and it quickly becomes smooth and very natural! It also becomes almost completely matte after a short while, but I still fix with a little transparent powder.

You only need a thin layer for good coverage, and then I usually just supplement with an enlightening concealer on certain areas + powder and you have a perfect base.

You who do not have as much red flame in your face as me, you will be able to use an even thinner layer and basically look completely unmade up - but flawless!

foundation shades

The only negative is that these five shades are the only ones available, I use the lightest shade 01 which suits me well!

Dr. Hauschka has no plans to expand the range of shades at the moment, but I hope they do so soon when they realize the interest.

But apart from this, this foundation undoubtedly gets a 5 out of 5 rating from me !! ♥♥♥♥♥

before-after foundation makeup

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Super nice result right? :)

As I said, on February 1, you can buy this on!

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  1. Cool! Longing to test it and have it in my makeup bag! Will be writing up February 1 in the calendar! Thanks for a wonderful blog :)

  2. It looks nice! Maybe it would be something for me who has dry skin and has difficulty using mineral powders. Too bad there are so few shades though, especially with pink undertones for those who have it. However, I have a neutral to warm undertone, so I can probably find one that works for me, but it's always boring when there is nothing for everyone :)

    • Yes, absolutely, otherwise I would not have started selling it. I am very careful to only sell things that work well. In some cases with foundations, it may be that not everyone fits everyone's skin types, but I have used this on both people with dry skin and oily skin, so it should probably not be a problem!

  3. Exciting! I look forward to it :-) BUT the shades: - / Does any of them pull in the pink direction and is light? Hard to see like this in the picture ..

    • I understand that it is difficult to see, the brightest unfortunately pulls in the yellow direction. Would say that it is kind of like Soft Beige in yag mineral, or a yellower variant of soft latte. But it is the shades that are most in demand in the shop so it is good in that way, the few they have are at least very common shades!

        • Yes that is true, but it is darker than the lightest so I did not mention it in my answer because you asked for a light :) No. 1 should according to the description be normal as well, but in my eyes it is more in the warm direction.

          • As soon as I get a foundation with a too yellow tone on the skin, it becomes very carrot orange and looks like an oompaloopma: - / I have tested expensive brands such as dior, clarence, lancome, clinique etc & get the same results from everyone! Do not understand. . Mineral foundation works super well! But sometimes I get a jerk that I want a liquid but soon give up… Same with the lightest shades in bb-cc creams… Will you be able to buy samples of these or is it a full tube that applies? Will it be expensive? :-)

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