Winter hairy legs (?)

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    I sent a picture of my narrow leg to some on snapshat, they looked so fun for me among all the hairs so I have 4 super long which stood straight up! And then I wrote something along the lines of "my leg hairs have gotten banged!" incredibly bad humor hahaha.

    But the funny thing was that all the answers I got back were like "that's not duu!", Not a single one believed that it was my legs!

    So now I wonder, am I that different? Do you shave your legs even now in the winter when they are not visible? :)


    My sister wrote, among other things, "you feel much cleaner and fresher with freshly shaved legs”And I agree with that, if you take a long shower, scrub yourself properly and have a little everyday luxury, then it's cozy with smooth legs even though it's winter. But it's been a while since I had such a day.

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    In addition, Miska bothers more on stumps (which I get super fast) than if they are soft and hairy haha.

    Some common Monday thoughts for a woman in today's society;)

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi, fun to read how everyone does. I hate hair, should now treat myself to remove them permanently. My hairs are hard so they fit well. Otherwise I epilated but now I have to give up before this. I will save so much time on this (used to epilate / shave) since all the ingrown hairs that sometimes become inflamed, wow!

      ps thanks by the way for the tips with eyeliner :)

    2. Hahaha, I do not shave my legs in the winter either. Sometimes sometimes but never very carefully because we have such a small shower so I think you do not really get a place.

    3. I run rainforest in the winter! ;) I hate shaving my legs. Think it is cumbersome. My partner does not care much either. In the summer it is shaved too evenly, but in the winter I can not bear it. So it gets a little now and then, and definitely if you are going to wear a dress and tights. However, strongly considering testing epilator. Have just moved to Spain, so there will be many more hot days with only legs down here;)

    4. Hairy legs here too! There are more fun things to do;) But sometimes you can hit big and pull out the razor! Sambon does not care immediately anyway! Thanks for making a great blog! Hug!

    5. Hey! I just bought the first lip pen of my life after inspiration from you! Thought to have it on my whole lips the times I need great strength :-) How do you do then? Lip pencil straight on or cerat / other underneath?

    6. Haha I only shave my legs if I now happen to wear a dress or skirt or the times when I have to meet my boyfriend (distance relationship), during the winter then. In the summer, of course, it is more often because you go more barefoot then.

    7. Test epilator! The hair stays away sick for a long time and once they come back it is one straw at a time type. You get rid of the stump. And it was like 1-2 months since I last epilated them and they are smooth and nice yet. And mine are usually super hairy and stubby very fast otherwise! However, it is recommended to start epilating when you have stumps, they are super hairy and epilating hurts. It hurts a little otherwise, but not as much :)

    8. Well, once a week I shave my legs. They get strangely enough so very dry otherwise. Of course lubricates the legs but they get dry anyway.

    9. Lol! Just lay in the bath with spreading legs and tried to reach all the stubborn straws & it is NOT easy when you are pregnant in the seventh month with a giant belly :-D! But probably the pheasants SHOULD the logs be considered .. But in the winter maybe only once a week ..

    10. For me, showering and everything that goes with it is something so incredibly relaxing. I can walk all day and just long to get my legs straight.

    11. Haha, I also don't shave my legs very often in the winter. It gives a little extra warmth;)
      My partner does not care if I shave my legs or not, he does not notice any difference, so in the winter I do not care. But in the summer it feels more important, I think, when you walk with only legs :)

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