Lernberger Stafsing Dryclean dry shampoo

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    Here's another dry shampoo review! And I'm really sorry I only have a small bag size on this one because it's really, really good!

    The dry shampoo I'm talking about is Lernberger Spelling Dryclean, which will freshen up the hair and give volume and stability. And so does it :)

    As I say every time I blog about dry shampoo - I like dry shampoo that gives a lot of effect and volume, because I like (and need) volume in my hair. My hair becomes very oily and a dry shampoo for me should not only make the hair dull, but to save that bad hair day after 2 days without a hair shower, then you also need stability and volume otherwise the hair lies dull flat along the head.

    This dry shampoo from Lernberger Stafsing is very good, the spray is quite "hard" and you do not need many sprays for the entire scalp. The hair becomes a little gray when you spray, but it disappears when you rub with your fingers.

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    The hair becomes dull and fresh even if you have a very frizzy scalp, and above all I like the volume! Absolutely perfect both when you have regular release, or if you style your hair and are going to do a hairstyle.

    This dry shampoo is not a light dry shampoo that makes the hair feel completely freshly washed, but it also does not become super rough because you need quite a bit, but you can still pull your fingers through the hair.

    It smells quite perfumed, but incredibly good! The scent notes are bergamot, pear, apple, vanilla.

    My small bottle (80 ml) is not directly affordable, it costs 89 kronor HERE, but their larger bottle at 300 ml costs SEK 169 and it is definitely a good price for such a cruel product!

    Summary - A good dry shampoo both for oily scalp and when you are freshly showered and need extra volume! Two big thumbs up get it from me, I have to get the big bottle too!

    This is what I look like even though it was 4 days since I showered my hair!

    Note that it is my outgrowth that is greyish, it is not the dry shampoo that has done it.

    Hugs are!

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    1. It is also available in the color "dark", type dryclean dark. If you have dark hair and want to use it, it is brown and not gray when you spray with it :) Tip tip!

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