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    The other day a fun press release came with news from Oriflame, which I was going to show you now. I think I will review everything (if you are interested?) But have already tested all products a bit and can say that my first impression is very good!

    I even think that the mascara can be an addition to the favorite mascara pile;) And the lipsticks do not come far behind.

    The products were launched on 14 August and are therefore already in stores!


    Oriflame expands The ONE series with lipstick, mascara and brow kit that has been around before and now comes in an updated version.

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    Oriflame The ONE Eyebrow kit contains two cold brow shadows, one light and one dark, as well as a brow wax. The previous palette contained an included brow brush, but now it contains two so you do not have to have the same brush for both shadow and wax.

    I have liked these shadows for a very long time, and since the shadows themselves should not be changed, I can already say that the palette is super good!

    And smart with two brushes I think, but you probably can not make worse brushes haha. Included "free stuff" in all its glory, but sometimes it feels like they could just as well have skipped that detail. But they do not bother either :) Costs SEK 145.


    Oriflame The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara is a fiber mascara that is adapted to give long and separated lashes - just to my taste. It has a spiral brush that is there to take up a lot of mascara to also give volume, which I usually do not like as it easily gets sticky on my lashes, but my first impression of this was incredibly positive. But I always have to use a mascara more times to be able to write a review :) Costs SEK 159.


    Oriflame The ONE 5-in-1 Color Stylist Lipstick Intense Collection is a series of 10 lipsticks (I got home three of them) and all of these are colorful, full coverage has a semi-matte finish. I have tested them a little and they are comprehensive, incredibly pigment-rich and can barely be felt on the lips. They are also moisturizing and contain, among other things, goji berries, jojoba oil and avocado oil. It costs ISK 129.

    Nice products huh? :) Do you want to see more detailed reviews?

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    Maternity ♥

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