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    A while ago, I got home samples of five makeup brushes from Nordicfeel Beauty Tools, which is Nordicfeel's own makeup brush series!

    I have tested them and now thought to share my review :)


    Natural Eye Brush* is the one of all the brushes I like the most! Perfect for fading out eye shadows and getting nice tones in the globe line, great for sooty eyes. It is soft but still compact so it can move the pigments at the same time as the thinning becomes soft and fine. Great!

    Costs SEK 79, made of goat hair.

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    SOS brush* is a flat brush that can be used for a few different areas, these brushes for concealer and eye shadow primer are best, I think. Creamy products that are applied to small areas simply. It is smooth and soft, but still has good stability.

    Costs only SEK 25 and is made of synthetic hair.


    Angled Blush Brush* is an oblique blush brush which according to taste is a little too small for blush, I prefer brushes that are a little more fluffy to get a blush as even and nice as possible. However, this is very good if you want to emphasize the cheekbones with sun powder! Then it's just good that it's a little narrower. I would have liked to have been a little softer as well, but it is still very good.

    Costs SEK 99 and is made of goat hair.


    Flat Top Foundation Brush* is a round brush that is completely flat on top, and is for applying liquid foundation. Incredibly soft, smooth and comfortable, easy to work with. Great!

    Costs SEK 99 and is made of synthetic hair.


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    Every Day Kabuki Brush (big)* is a kabuki brush which unfortunately does not impress me. It is important to have a very soft kabuki brush for a good result, and to not irritate the skin as you use it all over your face every single day. This is relatively soft when you do massaging circular movements, but I who like to dab a little with the brush where you want more coverage then think that it can feel quite prickly against the skin.

    In addition, mine loses a lot of straw, which is not so fun.

    Costs SEK 135 and is made of goat hair. Not worth the money in my opinion.

    Summary - Good and nice make-up brushes (except for the kabuki brush which I did not like) which do their job and work well for what they are for. The eyeshadow brush became my favorite! On the whole, however, the quality does not feel so high, so I think the price is a bit too high for the brushes over 79 kroner. It does not feel like luxury brushes if you say so.

    And I personally try to stay away from brushes with real hair as much as possible. Illogical maybe since I'm not even a vegetarian, but it still feels better not to have animal fur on my face every day :)

    Hope the reviews were helpful. Have a nice evening! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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