New - Organic brown without sun!

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Now spring is here and it will not be until you change from the winter clothes and show more and more skin the closer we get to summer :)

Therefore, it does not feel like a better timing for this news on - Eco By Sonya Invisible Tan than one ecological Brown without sun!

Tan without the sun works like a regular skin lotion and you get results after about 6-8 hours. It is super easy to use, gives an incredibly fine result, is sufficient for several lubrications and the ingredients are 100% natural!

Eco By Sonya is a brand from Australia that started "thanks" to the fact that the founder's sister got skin cancer due to too much sunbathing. Ugh how awful! But today she feels relatively well as I have understood it, and out of this still came something positive - because there was born the idea of a tan without sun that not only does a good job, but is also good for the skin and the environment! :)

eco-by-sonya-before-after - copy

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Super nice result huh? I have this even and nice burn all over my body!

This is after a lubrication, you get a nice and clear burn that at the same time looks incredibly natural! The shade is warm and fresh without turning orange, and the color is naturally obtained from cocoa.

The first time I tested it, I had just started working at the salon, and my best friend Frida came in to say hello. And after a while she said "there is something about the light in here, because you look incredibly brown!". There you have proof of how natural the result looked, she knew that I do not sunbathe solarium but did not have a thought that it was a tan without sun either :)

In addition to a nice color, you also get an incredibly caring result, and even if you are dry in some areas, it still does not get darker there, but still even and nice.

My sister has tested it too, and she had dry eczema-like areas on her arm that completely disappeared after just one use! And yet the color was even where she had been so dry.


One package contains 150 ml and is enough for several lubrications, about 5 pieces, but for me it is enough for many more. It depends of course on the body size, I am only 1.60 tall :)

The ingredients are 100% natural and very caring for the skin! The lotion contains extracts from chamomile, honeysuckle, and grapes, as well as rose oil, avocado oil, cocoa and aloe vera.

The ingredient that activates the skin is dihydroxyacetone, which in this lotion is organically certified!

Costs SEK 449 and is now available for purchase :)

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Brown without the sun can also be used on the face as you can see!


I will soon write a more detailed post on how to use tan without sun and lots of such tips!

If you have any questions before that, shout it out and I will answer it in the next bus post :)

Hug! ♥

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