Nudenaglar à la LCC

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Noodle lips in all glory, but something I have stuck to even more are nude nails!

It's so heavenly nice I think, and especially if you have long nails because then it will be a lot while it looks really fresh. I just cut mine so they would not look so grotesquely long from below when I took swatches on my fingertips haha, but they still have a nice length I think.

This will definitely be my favorite look this spring, long nude-colored nails, nude-colored low heels (if I can afford to buy new shoes, that is) and red lips for that! How nice? :)

A tip on a nice nude color for the nails for us with light skin, it is Löwengrip Care & Color Nail Polish in the shade Tenacity!


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Nice huh ?! The paint is available on e.g. (free shipping) and costs SEK 119.


I have applied three thin coats to get it this comprehensive. With most varnishes I do not like when you have to have many layers, but this shade is so nice even with only one and two layers, as it becomes a bit transparent, so there is nothing I see as negative because then you can vary :)

I am super happy with the durability of the nail polish from LCC too! Before when I tested them I have not really been able to comment on the durability of 100% because I had gel nails underneath, and then all varnishes hold up well, but now I do not have them and these varnishes last for several days without being abraded at the top !


Two thumbs up I say! :)

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