New Year's summary 2016 (short)

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    Have you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and a good start to the new year? :)

    I have! A perfect mix of relaxing, family coziness and fun work at the salon. Now I have lots of new-year-on-company stuff to grab and new start feelings in my body.

    Autumn is always the time of year when I feel most inspired, but since I lost the world's finest mother in June, autumn was so extremely heavy. This is probably the first year that I agree with everyone who says that the past year was a really shitty year…

    But hey, how strong you are anyway! Of course, it's still very heavy, but I'm starting to get my motivation back and I feel like I want to get to grips with a lot of things.

    Mid 2016 in quick succession:

    • A year ago we had the salon open for only 3 months and still felt like a beginner with the staff and so many new ways of working haha. We had no proper routines and it felt like I was running in a whirlwind all day, a lot due to energy thieves around me in combination with a lot to do - and without a work structure, stress was a fact. Around New Year, I always write down what I think will happen in the coming year and last year's text begins with "It's soon February and I only now have time to sit down and write down my hopes and dreams 2016 - it describes my life quite well right now." Lol.
    • In March, I, Miska and Annika started to go on business development with Peragenda - highly recommended if I have any entrepreneurs around Uppsala who read this :) We set goals for the company and have a structure for how we should work with everything from financial follow-up to communication, staff and new ideas. We not only set goals and keep our fingers crossed, but make sure we reach them too! :)
    • Summer is a big haze for me. 2017 will be the first year without my beloved mother. I was home for 3 weeks after that but it takes an eternity to really get back on my feet. I cried in the car on the way to work, broke down as soon as I got inside the door of the house. And sometimes it has felt like I live two different lives, one happy Helena when I have nice people and fun jobs around me, and another Helena walking around with a rock on her shoulders.
    • In September, my two amazing makeup artists started working 75% at the salon, and it has been absolutely magical! The salon goes well even when I have worked with admin stuff in the office and start to get the blog back on its feet after a year of chaos.
    • On New Year's Eve, we pulled out the cash report for the year and could be happy about what a mega-job we have done together! In a way, I do not fit in as a self-employed person because I walk around almost all the time with catastrophic thoughts for the economy, check the bookings several times a day and it cuts into me every time a customer does not show up on time or cancels at the last second. But it's really cool to be able to see hard work in physical numbers, numbers that you do not have to be ashamed of :)
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    0-2017 citation

    This is how I feel for 2017! ;)

    In 2017, I want to:

    • Have more focus on developing blogging and also in several channels, put more gunpowder on instagram, youtube and beauty guides in the webshop. And work more with marketing.
    • Have a good work structure regarding the above in order to be able to plan the time better and get more blog material out.
    • Start renovating my mother's house where Miska and I will move in together with my sister Mia and her two children ♥
    • Decrease significantly on animal diets and eat more vegetable-based foods.
    • Blog even more about entrepreneurship! I think it's so fun and got a good response when I asked you before if you want to see more of it, but it's a bit difficult to get in naturally, but I'll really work on that :)
    • Achieve our goals that we set for the company by June 2017!
    • And I would so like to go on a trip with Miska this autumn, not only have time and advice but also have peace and quiet in my body to be able to relax. As it has looked the previous year, a trip had been a bit wasted because we had still talked jobs all the time hehe.


    I have kickstarted 2017 by running a detox with the diet this week, and now I will dig into the horoscope and write down a private summary of the past year and how I want the coming year to be, which I will read next New Year's Eve . It will be the 3rd year now, really fun! :)

    2017 here I come! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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