Eyebrow tattoo before & after

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    As you know, I did permanent makeup on the eyebrows a few weeks ago, at Annika's Creative Make Up in Uppsala. Then you got to see pictures of what it looked like when they were newly made, and now I have photographed what the eyebrows look like now that they have healed as well :)

    I made the last return visit 1 week ago so now they are completely ready, and I am super happy!


    Fina va? It looks very natural even though they are so well-shaped :) I have these nice eyebrows 24/7 now, perfect for me who has such sparse and difficult-to-work straws naturally!


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    So here is before and after, although I have tattooed the eyebrows before so they are not completely naked in the before picture but they have faded very much! Now I also made them a little wider.


    Here you see immediately after I tattooed them, and what they look like today after a return visit and healing. Not as "dashed" :)


    And here are the "real" before and after pictures. The pre-image is an old flash image, but you can at least see what the eyebrows looked like completely before the tattoo. I know, now you think like this ”what in the name of peace has she done with her eyebrows?!?!?”And I agree with you haha!

    In my defense, I can say that at this time I had not realized how good it is with eyebrow scissors, and besides, I put on make-up all the time so I only cared about what the eyebrows looked like when they were filled. And to be able to make up the shape I wanted, I had to remove a lot. I kind of put on make-up first and then I removed everything that was out of shape - a technique I do not recommend! If you, like me, have very sparse eyebrows, use the scissors diligently :)

    And in the "end" before I tattooed them, it actually got worse than usual, which you see in the picture. I had an internship at Creative Make Up with lots of other students and then we use each other as makeup models. And I do not know why but everyone would promptly pick a few straws every time they made me up, so in the end I now had almost none left ..

    Well, now they look good anyway! :) Or what do you say?

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