Eyebrow tattoo before & after

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    You wanted to see more posts about permanent makeup, which makes me happy! :) Even though I did not do the job, I think it's so much fun to write about! ♥

    Last week, Annika tattooed our makeup artist Sandra's eyebrows, and here are before and after pictures of the incredibly beautiful result:


    creative-makeup-eyebrow tattoo before-after-eyebrow tattoo

    Surely she is absolutely fantastically good Annika?

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    In the full pictures, the after picture is actually taken the next day, but the rest are taken immediately after. We took a new full picture because she put up her hair in the afternoon after she got a tattoo, which I did not think of then, and it bothered me so brutally that she had her hair different in the pictures so we took a new one haha.

    What do you think? :)

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