Eyelash panic

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    Yesterday there were false eyelashes on today's make-up, even though I almost never use it.

    I do not like loose lashes to be honest, or rather my eyes do not like false eyelashes. Even if I put them on so it feels comfortable, my eyes get annoyed that there is something there that should not be there. It's unbelievable that I can actually put on as sensitive eyes as I have!

    But now I'm just very grateful over my false eyelashes, for god's sake I do not know what's going on but mine! I have noticed that I have lost a little more than usual on one eye, but the lashes are changed sometimes so it is not directly strange.

    Now, however, when I applied mascara, I dropped several pieces at once that stuck to the brush, paniiik. At my best "photo-eye" too, the blog nerd speaks;)


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    Do you see how sparse they are in some places, and in the middle of it even a large space.

    This was last night and I have even lost more since then.

    It may be I-land problem 3000, but the eyelashes for a beauty freak are a bit like a model losing her hair from her head.


    Well, really, I would just explain why I will start using lashes much more :)

    Happy Saturday corner!

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