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    I have written many posts about primer, but now it has started to drop in many questions about eye primer so I thought I would make a new post about it!

    My favorite primer is Lumene Eye Shadow Primer, costs SEK 109 at Kicks.

    Have tested many more expensive primers as well, but they usually feel very adapted to the eye shadows of that particular brand. But with Lumene's primer you can also indulge in cheap H&M shadows, the make-up is colorful and lasts a long time anyway!


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    This primer is creamy and has a neutral beige tone that evens out the color of the eyelid.

    The primer contains arctic lingonberries that are full of nutrients flavonoids, antioxidants, moisturizers. Primer also contains vitamin C and lingonberry seed oil. Vitamin C gives the skin a clearer tone, and lingonberry seed oil helps repair the skin.

    I apply the primer after foundation, before eye shadow.

    Then I apply the eye shadow directly on the primer without any base shadow or powder in between.

    Apply as thin a layer as possible, but do not be so stingy that you may miss somewhere because then the eye shadow can become mottled.

    I usually "dab on" the eye shadow instead of pulling with my finger. If you have time to blink a lot before applying the eye shadow, you can dab a little extra with your finger just before you put on make-up, the primer can easily soften before it becomes dry from the eye shadow.

    The most important thing is to saturate the primer with eye shadow, as I wrote above, so it can fold in if it does not become completely dry.


    Hope this post was helpful! :)

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