Organic acne cream

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    I love organic products and organic acne cream is one of them!

    During my teens, I had quite a lot problems with pimples (that's why I started putting on so much make-up at an early age and became 'self-taught') makeup artist“Before I left high school, something positive came out of the negative hehe) and I still have periods when I get a lot of pimples.

    In other words, I have tested a lot of different creams and the like for pimples, and can say that spot treatment creams basically never work for me! Very many of them are strong and even to dry out the skin, which does not feel particularly smart…

    organic acne cream

    So when I started using Sanctum and their topical cream for pimples, I was very happy, because it helps for real and it does so by soothing, healing and at the same time moisturizing the skin!

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    On The Spot contains lots of good ingredients such as aloe vera, macadamia oil and avocado oil. But these three ingredients are the ones that are most active against the pimples:
    Tea tree oil - Soothing, antibacterial and healing.
    Vitamin E - Moisturizes and promotes cell renewal.
    Licorice extract - Anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

    Tea tree oil is the oil that gives the cream its relatively strong but still natural and fresh scent, the cream smells quite strong of wood so that it almost becomes a bit of a tiger balm feeling. I like the scent but it's lucky you should not have it all over your face if you say so.

    Tea tree oil is known for its calming and healing effect and is mainly used for acne, insect bites and itching. From my own experience I can also tell you that it is great on wasp stings! My sister stepped on a wasp this summer and screamed and screamed (she is not sensitive to pain, she does not even want anesthesia when she tattoos her eyebrows because she thinks it is unnecessary) but then she really suffered so I ran quickly and picked it up cream, and about two seconds after I smeared the evil area on her foot, it stopped hurting! Both me and my sister were completely shocked haha! So it is a proof of how soothing and fast-acting the cream is:)

    This is how I walk around at home in the morning when I am newly awake, unmade up and rough.

    Above all, the On The Spot cream is important in the morning because it is often when I want to soothe the pimples properly before I start putting on make-up, but I also use it in the evening when I feel it is needed. It is especially good for bad pimples that have flared up properly, then you really feel that the irritated pimple calms down and stops hurting so much.

    I use it on all my pimples, both large and small, but the small ones always disappear relatively quickly, so there it is difficult to immediately say a difference. But on the big annoying stress fins that I have a tendency to get, real inboarders, there I can definitely say that this is the savior in need!

    Organic Acne Cream, On The Spot.

    On The Spot contains 100% natural ingredients, of which 86% are organically certified. The entire package is biodegradable in nature within 5 years, the vegan and certified by Organic Food Chain Australia. And of course not tested on animals.

    Highly recommended! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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