Organic sunscreen

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    The product I will tell you about now is a product that I only half recommend, and it is an organic sunscreen with spf 6!

    The reason I say half is because spf 6 is very low, I can not recommend such a low spf with a clear conscience. But I am also realistic and know that many of you are careless with sunscreen and do not use it at all, and for you, spf 6 is better than nothing :)

    Spf 6 simply means that you can be in the sun 6 times longer without burning yourself, than you could have without the cream. So it is in any case a clear improvement, and may be the difference between burnt and brown.

    Do not forget that the spring sun is strong too, Miska always gets freckles in the summer (huuuur nice anyway!) And he has already got a lot even though he has not been in the sun very much. So start with sunscreen now!

    By the way, isn't it a fantastic spring we have ?! How wonderful! Especially now that I have bought ac for the apartment which would otherwise be a sauna, now I can work without putting off pearls of sweat in my forehead haha.

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    Anyway, now to the product:


    Rosenseriens Sunscreen with Carotene is a sun protection factor with 100% natural content that is Swedish-made and organic, and eco-labeled with the Swan!

    Because even though many are careless, there are still many who are good and use spf, and every year thousands of tons of sunscreen are sold. What happens to them? Well, a large part of the cream ends up in our waterways!

    Therefore, I think it is great with an organic sun protection factor! I myself have tried to find a good organic spf for the webshop but have not found one yet that I think is so great.

    In addition to providing protection from the sun, it also contains aloe vera and sea buckthorn oil which nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and is therefore suitable even after sunbathing. And it also contains carotene which stimulates pigmentation in the skin :)

    The cream is very smooth and soft, and it is easy to apply it as it is thick and glides easily over the skin, so a little is enough for a long distance. It goes very quickly into the skin which feels smooth and comfortable afterwards, so for that it gets a big plus!

    Can be used both on the body and on the face.

    In May, this will be launched with a new fragrance, and I will not find anything where the fragrance is described, but I am thinking of roses and flowers. It smells summery and good, but I personally am not so much for floral scents unfortunately so for me the scent is no hit. But you who like floral scents will surely love this one!

    The price is SEK 265 for 100 ml. It's a juicy price, but that's the case with organic products. I think it's worth the price just to support organic businesses instead of cheap synthetic products! Then organic and natural will be cheaper and cheaper in the long run :)

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    On so it is currently on sale this sunscreen, SEK 239, assume that it is the old fragrance that they want to sell off before the new one arrives in May. However, I do not know what kind of scent it is on the old cream, as I have received this as a press release with the new scent.

    An organic and natural sunscreen with low spf, goes quickly into the skin and is wonderful to use! Highly recommended to everyone, except people who do not like floral scents.


    How good are you at using sunscreen? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I'm so bright, and I basically burn myself as soon as I go out in the sun. It is sad to never get a tan, but at the same time nice because then I have had to "learn" to protect the skin with SPF. In addition, there is BUS to fake the fire with too;) However, I get mad at my friends who think they do not "need" SPF ..
      That one seems exciting, but the price feels a bit juicy for such low protection as I said.

    2. I bought a tube of sunscreen from eBay, from the brand Innisfree (For men No sebum blabla-something) and it has spf50, contains organic ingredients, but above all it kept my oily skin matte for about 10 hours when I tested it for the first time yesterday. I'm shocked. : D Recommended!

    3. Feels a bit boring when it's a juicy price and low spf. After all, you want to invest in a cream with a little higher protection if the price is a little juicier.

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