Zuii Organic Diamond Sparkle Rouge

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    Geez what a productive weekend Miska and I have now! He helps me so much with everything and is so heavenly wonderful ♥

    My warehouse has undergone a complete transformation, we have to make room for new products that are on the go as well as old goodies that must be bought in larger quantities. I get so warm in my heart when I receive orders from you, so much fun! So now we have shopped and screwed shelves with about a thousand shelves and screws it feels like haha.

    But now I take a little break and blog while Miska chirrs lunch, and what I was going to show you now is a product that is so nice that it has already started to go in the shop even though I have not had time to write about it yet - Zuii Organic Sparkle Rouge!


    Here you see the shade Peach!

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    The jar contains sieves (strainer) so it is super nice, and a jar contains 3 grams of blush which is quite a lot!

    The blush is available in 6 shades and all give a nice glow to the cheeks:


    Blossom is colorless and gives the cheeks a nice diamond glow
    Mango is a light mango beige shade with a yellow undertone
    Berry is a light pink shade with a pink undertone
    Melon is a red-pink color with super fine gold shimmer
    Peach is a peach pink shade with discreet gold shimmer
    Raspberry is a strong pink raspberry shade

    The three light colors are great to combine with other blushes, but can also be used completely alone. Nice if you just want a discreet glow feeling, as you can easily vary if you want a lot or a little.

    The more colorful shades give a nice color to the cheeks and a glowing glow! They can be turned over on top of other blushes if you want, but the colors are so nice that it is not needed.


    In this picture I have the shade Peach!


    Fint va? :)

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    Shout out if you have any questions!

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    1. Hey! They look really nice. Do you know if there are pictures with the different types of faces so you can see what they look like. I think of berry, blossom and melon. I have dark hair and dark eyes but light skin. Do you think it can fit? Would love to see a picture with the highlighters berry o blossom to see the differences between them. Will the blossom become silvery white / cold or more just glossy?

    2. Wow what a nice blush! Mååååste haaaaa! The only question is which (decision anxiety) there will probably be an order for several of them, maybe a light and a more colorful one! So you can vary a bit and mix with other blush colors as well :) Byher.se is so heavenly good! Hug!

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